Fall Window Boxes

Before I say anything else, can I just tell you how much fun I’ve had reading your comments on our little birthday quiz? Sarah and I have been sharing responses, and we’re loving them! From your quiz anxiety to “hanging your head in shame” over your results, it’s been very entertaining. Thank you so much for playing along. And yes…we will definitely explain the answers tomorrow when we announce the winner!

However, let’s talk about the fall window boxes I promised you! I think it might take me a couple of seasons to really figure out what will work in these things. I really wanted something grand like the summer ones, but I’m a little more limited with fall plantings.

window box mums

Like the front porch, I wanted something bold that people could see from the road. I found some really inexpensive mums ($2.50 a piece?) at Lowes. Not a bad price!

fall window box

The tall grass was on clearance for .75  cents each, and it was just enough “wild” for each one. I plugged in some kale and small pumpkins as some filler, and I was pleased—enough.

fall decor

fall window boxes

This picture was taken right when I planted them (notice the small porch mums), but you get the idea. A nice pop of color, and a fun way to decorate for the changing seasons! Up next? Christmas! Ok….I’ll hold off for a minute.

tradtiional home

Friday is the big announcement for the $100 Target gift card! Come back to see if YOU win!!

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