Easy Desk Organization

Hey there! If you’re following along on Facebook, you know we are knee-deep in a bathroom renovation right now. You ever start something and then it turns into ten more somethings? Yeah, that’s where we’re at. As a result, I purposely kept my Lowe’s monthly project to something that would bring me some peace of mind. It was a simple project that I wish I would have done a long time ago!

We purchased a new computer for our kids for Christmas, so the craft room is now pulling double duty (I said duty) as a homework room for them. I’m not a fan of computers in the kids’ rooms, so this was a nice compromise. Unfortunately, the desk had gone through some rough times from all my crafting.

Desk before

I grabbed a roll of peel and stick corkboard to run down the middle of the desk. I love this stuff! Corkboard has a problem with turning in all the time, and this laid out so nice and flat. I’m a fan. 

Peel stick cork

Once I lined up the front two corners to make it straight, I smoothed it off the backing with a ruler. Easy peasy.

Corkboard roll

When I had my mirrors cut for this project, a lot of people said they didn’t realize Lowe’s did that. They cut mirror, glass, plexi, etc! They had this sheet for $25, and I just had the man trim a piece off to fit my desk.

When I peeled off the film and laid it on top of the cork, it was like a brand new desk! Yay! 

Desk redo

I wanted it to be very simplified. The more “noise” on the desk, the less productive my teenager will be. It’s not shown in this photo, but I placed a yearly calendar under the plexi and a calendar just for their school activities . This way they can know life-altering dates like spring break and long weekends.

Desk makeover

The calendar was a free download from this site. I downloaded the whole year, and they are ca-ute! 

Free printable calendar

Free printable calendar 2014

I love that having the plexiglass layer allows for me to put important notices on the desk without cluttering it. I feel the need to do this all over the house now. 

Printable calendar

It just goes to show that it doesn’t take much to streamline clutter while still keeping things functional. 

Desk workspace

This project was completed with the help of Lowe’s gift cards as part of their Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers Network. I love Lowe’s and am happy to be a part of it! If you’d like to see more, feel free to follow them on Instagram, Pinterest, and their Creative Ideas Magazine

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