Duvet Cover Changes

I really had good intentions of rationalizing my need to change my bedding. I was going to tell you that I thought bedding needed to be changed with the seasons, or that it needed to be alternated to enhance the mood of the room. However, after much thought I figure I just have D.A.D.D. Otherwise known as Decorator’s ADD.

I love the way something as simple as a duvet cover or some throw pillows can turn a room from warm to cool or from elegant to casual. I currently have 4 bedding ensembles that I rotate. I figure I’ll show you two of them. This is the one I use…uh…in the spring. That sounds good…the spring!
You might be able to tell, but my white duvet and shams are my absolute favorite. You just can’t go wrong with white basics. Then all you have to do is change the accents. Since I have chocolate sheets, (to go with another duvet cover, mind you) I thought blue and white would be nice for the summer. You know, lighten things up a bit.
Let’s not forget my hatred for my camera–I kept trying to put one on here that didn’t seem so dark. In addition to bedding, I always try to change a little nick-nack here and there so the new colors don’t seem out of place. It’s easy to do, really. All you have to do is use colors that can be used in other rooms so you’re just moving stuff around. That way, nothing gets wasted!
NOTE: My bedroom is actually the least decorated room in my house. I only have one picture on the walls, so these pictures were taken quite carefully not to over-expose my lack of bedroom decorating skills. I’m having a REALLY hard time figuring out what I want, but I am getting closer to making a decision. I’ll keep you posted.
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