Drawer Fabric Liners

Being snowed in a for a couple of days always/sometimes gives me the urge to organize. I decided to attack the dining room buffet this weekend. It wasn’t necessarily in bad shape, but it definitely needed a little face lift.

Fabric liner

I was rearranging dishes and realized the drawers needed something. I had some left over fabric from the reupholstered chair I worked on, so I thought this would be a good fit for it. Using the pretty wrapping paper from my daughter’s closet project, I created a template for the drawer interior. I would have loved to have used it, but it’s pretty thin. It just wouldn’t have held up with the dishes.

Drawer liner template

Once I got the paper to my liking, I placed it over the fabric and made a light tracing over it. Then I just cut it out! I’m not too worried about uneven edges or fraying. It’s a drawer liner after all. I can’t imagine too many people are going to notice.

Fabric drawer liner

Once they were cut out, I just placed them into the drawers. I didn’t worry about adhering them inside. I imagine it could be done, but I don’t access these that often. Shifting should be minimal.

Drawer fabric liner

Back inside went the dishes and linens, and it was all done. A free project and only a few minutes to do it–my favorite kind!

Drawer liner

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