Designs Made Easy


Today I am featuring one of my spectacular sponsors!  You know how I feel about paper products, so I was as giddy as a school girl when Josephine contacted me!  Here is a just a sampling of what her Etsy shop has to offer…


There’s gotta be a reason I can send out this chandelier card.  “I made my bed” party?  “The driveway is shoveled!” celebration?  Still thinking.


One of the prettiest Christmas cards I’ve seen.  And look at the birth announcement!  I wonder if my 10-year old will pose like that for this card?designs4One of my favorite items is the monograms she offer!  I love monograms!  I’m obsessed!  I’ll take the bottom right.  No wait, the top left.  Well, what about the top right?  Ack!designs2

Speaking of obsessed… I’ve saved the best for last.  To. die. for.  Jacob!  Turn around!  I’m right over here!!


Please go visit Designs Made Easy.  You’ll be so happy you did.  And I’ll be so happy you did!  Enjoy!

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