Craft Room Renovation

So…my craft room (I call it my project room, but that’s neither here nor there) is undergoing a transformation. It’s gone through a few transformations, and I’ve never been super happy with it. You know that feeling when you “finish” a project, and you still have a checklist of things you’d like to do to it? Yeah, that’s never a good sign.

craft room

This new project involves a wall of bookshelves. And a wall of bookshelves involves a lot of work. And a lot of work means a disheveled house. Since nothing around here seems to work as smoothly or as normally as it does for others, I thought I’d show you how we get things done.

Billy bookcase

I painted the backs of the bookshelves, and I thought I would do it before they were installed into the shelving units. Aaannnnd the first one didn’t go so great. So here was my next plan—


I had the perfect little munchkin (seen here in her waitress attire) that could fit inside the bookcase and guide the backing up. Brilliant and disturbing at the same time? Perhaps.

building Ikea shelves

Look at her. Taking her job so seriously while being encapsulated. That’s my girl!

building Ikea shelves

And there….she….goes….

Ikea shelves

Something I didn’t factor into my brilliant plan, however, is how this guy would react.

bul mastiff

And he didn’t like it. Not one bit.


The pictures are all blurry ‘cause he kept pacing, whimpering, looking around—no one separates him from his girl. Unless you’re a 1/8” thick piece of cardboard.



Never fear. They were together again soon enough. Here’s the dramatic reunion.

dog collage

And all is well again in the world of Maximus. I’m caulking, filling, sanding and finishing the room. If all goes well (yeah, right), I’ll be able to show you the shelves on Monday!

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