Console Table {Craigslist Project}

So where’d we leave off? Oh yeah…right in the middle of the project. The concern was that I knew I wanted something to serve as a bottom shelve, but I worried about having too many different woods all over. A large cut of wood just didn’t seem right to me, so I came up with another option.

bottom planks

I picked up some inexpensive pieces of pine because they had knots in them. My thought process is intense, no? Since the table already had the middle plank, we spaced them out evenly on either side of it—front to back.

wood planks

We stood back, took a look, and we. were. done. You’ve waited long enough. Wanna see how she turned out? Here she is in her semi-original form.

Craigslist table

Ta. Da. :)

console table

Well, THAT was worth it. It’s exactly what I was looking for, and it was hundreds of dollars less than the others I found in stores. Score.

candle tray

Homegoods lamp

Notice the bottom shelf? Gosh. Pretty. When the stain was ready, I sealed it with some satin Minwax poly.

DIY console table

I would say I spent about $100 total (those darn top planks!), and it was worth every dime. Allll because I was tired of the armoire…

DIY table

And finally, the winner of the $100 Lowes giftcard IS…

Britain Paulk who said–

Oooh la la!!!! Those are beautiful!!!!! We’ve been trying to find ways to spruce up our 57 year old home we just bought. Does the term “hopper window” mean anything to you? Well I have them, and they need help being pretty!!! 😉 planters would definitely give those desperate windows a much needed facelift…. Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!!!

Congratulations, Britain! Thank you for all your sweet comments! I wanted to reply to them, but I was afraid I would mess up the random selection process. Yup…I’m kinda dumb like that! Just know that I appreciated them!

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