Coffee Table Kitchen {Wayfair DIY Challenge}

Well, hello! I’ve been pretty swamped lately, but I’m back with a fun project! I was asked by Wayfair to participate in a DIY project with them. Knowing how much I loooove Wayfair, it was a no-brainer! The challenge? Choose one of three items and transform it.

play kitchen tutorial

I selected the Furinno Espresso Living Coffee Table. It’s pretty darn cute, but I knew exactly how this was going to turn out. When I asked my daughter if she thought a little girl would like a kitchen from the table, she replied, “Well….I’m a little girl.” Guess she wanted a kitchen!


So here are the supplies. I purchased the knobs and faucet at Menards (a local home improvement store), the bowl at Target, and the paper and wood coasters at Hobby Lobby. While I didn’t necessarily want to drive all over for the supplies, my goal was to spend as little as possible!

coffee table supplies

I used a jigsaw to cut out the sink (bowl) and faucet hole and used a bead of adhesive to keep it steady. The “burners” were just spray painted black. The silver metallic paper did NOT work out the way I had hoped. I couldn’t get it trimmed out cleanly, so I brought out my super-secret weapon. Aluminum foil. I Mod Podge’d it and it worked like a charm.

coffee table kitchen

I bought a little hand towel at a local store and hung it onto an inexpensive hook, and it certainly adds a pop of color that she loves.

play sink

Because my little one is “too big for plastic plates”, we went to the consignment store for some teacups (a favorite!) and small plates.

table kitchen

And finally, the canvas bins are a perfect spot for all her food and cooking utensils.

play food

I’m so pleased with how it turned out—and more importantly—my daughter loves it! She’s been playing with it all week, so I’d say it was a good transformation in her book!

DIY play kitchen

A special thanks to Wayfair for including me in this challenge! It was fun, and my little one sure appreciates it! Be sure to follow Wayfair on Pinterest and/or Facebook for news and products.

Disclaimer—Wayfair provided me with the cute table, and provided a giftcard to purchase the supplies for this project. All opinions are 100% my own.

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