Coffee Station

As the holidays approach, I need to start thinking about all the guests I’ll be hosting for Thanksgiving. It’s the only holiday at our house, so I like to make sure it’s not only welcoming, but also efficient. A house with over 20 people in it can get a little chaotic. Since we love coffee (with all that Thanksgiving pie), I decided to make a coffee station. My Lowes challenge this month included getting ready for guests, and this certainly does the trick!

Diy coffee tray

My inspiration for this project was a peel and stick backsplash tile that’s stainless steel. Uhhh yeah…peel. And stick. Sold! Not only is it easy and sleek, but it matches our appliances. It had to be done. Coffee tray supplies

I basically built the tray around the 12×12 tile. I didn’t worry about mitering corners. I just measured out the sides from some scrap wood (from Lowes, of course), and finish nailed them to the base of the tray. I stained it with some Dark Walnut stain to match the dark tones in our floors.

Building a tray

To give it a little more of a tray vibe, I glued these little stainless hole plugs to the bottom. This way, the wood won’t scratch along on my countertops, and it looks more finished. I initially purchased some handles for either side of the tray, but I found I liked it without. Call me crazy.

Tray feet

To keep the look cohesive, I spray painted some terra cotta pots from the gardening section for spoons, sugar, and a little accent plant. I filled the spoon pot with coffee beans to help the utensils stand more upright. Aaaaand they’re coffee beans. Get it?

Coffee tray

An assortment of K-cups (yup–Lowes carries those too!) for my guests to choose from finishes it off. I love the look, and I love the purpose it serves! Bring on Thanksgiving! I wonder if Lowes carries turkey and stuffing…

Diy coffee center

You can see plenty more DIY ideas Lowes Creative Ideas. You can also follow them on Instagram, Pinterest, and sign up for the free Creative Ideas magazine and app! Whew! That’s a lot of inspiration!Lowes

Disclaimer: As a member of the Lowes Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network, I received gift cards to assist with this project. However, the thoughts, opinions, and ideas are all my own. 

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