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When we built this house, the number one mistake we made was not utilizing our closets better. Let me show you exhibit A. Great space, lots of room, and very poorly planned. We ended up putting all kinds of items in bins on the floor. Well that wasn’t working out well! (Bad cell phone pic taken by husband)

Photo  2
It was at that moment that Closetmaid entered our lives and saved. the. day. Wanna hear how easy this goes?

ClosetMaid Logo

Closetmaid: “Hey Chris, send us the measurements of the closet and what you’d like it to look like!”

Me: “Ok. Here you go.”

Closetmaid: “Like these pictures? Choose from a couple of options we made for you, and we’ll send ’em out!”

Me. “Ooooook? That’s it?”

Closetmaid: “Yup! It’s on its way!”

Eeks! That was quick, so I had to get a move on. The hardest part of this whole project was removing the old shelving (Holy difficult, Batman!). Because I chose white shelving, I decided to color match the paint in the closet. I think it looks more built in if the color is the same. Ahhhhh…a nice, clean pallet.

Closet before

Of course, with a project like this, ya know who we called? Dad. We lured him with a college football game and a free meal. Easy bait. They decided that putting as many items together as possible downstairs and then installing them in Little One’s room would be the best plan of attack.

IMG 2791

Of course Big Butt had to be right in the middle of things. He doesn’t do well with being left out.

IMG 2793

My favorite part–and the part I waited ever so impatiently for–is when things started getting installed. The closet was actually starting to look like…well…a closet. Giddy!

IMG 2810

I was adamant that I wanted it to look as built in and seamless as possible. The back baseboard was removed to make it flush against the wall and then the side baseboards were cut out to wrap around the shelving.


Like a glove! Not that anyone would ever see this part of my little one’s closet, but it makes a difference to me. I appreciate the extra attention to detail. I just have to caulk it and apply some trim paint to blend it in a bit.

closet tutorial

Oh man! Lookin’ good, little closet!

custom closet install

And here it is in it’s “almost finished” state. My father in law doesn’t normally look so drunk. I guess that’s what closet completion does to a man. I got to do all the FUN parts of this project, and I’ll be back on Wednesday to show you what that involved. Let’s just say I went on a spray painting binge. In my basement. With not enough ventilation. :(

closet finished

See you on Wednesday with the big reveal!

Disclaimer: Closetmaid generously supplied me…errr…Little One with a custom closet, but all opinions and thoughts–including the dumb ones–are entirely my own. 

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