Christmas Mantel

I just wanted to talk about this year’s mantel. Not a big deal, right? Take a couple of quick shots, say a few witty comments, sign off. Throw in a 140-pound dog, a couple of crazy kids, and a decoration that literally disintegrates in front of your eyes, and you’ve got a JaG post.

Okay….I guess I did get a picture of the mantel. No garland this year. Call me crazy. Who knows why I wasn’t in the mood for it. I’ve had this wreath for several years, and it needed to make a reappearance. I added some beads here and there for a touch of pizzazz (say that with jazz hands, please).

evergreen mantel

And here’s where it all fell apart—literally. I remembered these birch trees I had on hand, so I brought ‘em up. Notice anything? As I set small tree down, it basically evaporated before my eyes. We’re talking “National Lampoon’s Christmas turkey” evaporated here.

Christms mantel

With panic in your voice, you’re asking, “What did you do??” I picked up all the fallen pieces, and I continued taking pictures. That’s. how. I. do.

Christmas living

So there you have it. A strategically placed camera so you can’t see my dog (who would NOT move for my shoot) and my crazy kids wrestling on the couch behind the tree. As for the disintegrated tree? If you squint your eyes and look at the top right corner of the picture, you’ll never even notice it.

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