Cheap Halloween Decorations

Happy Monday! Fall is here (woo hop!), and I’ve been doing a little Halloweening around the place. I’m not decorating the mantel this year (gasp!!), so a little vignette in the dining room will have to do. It’s rather unhealthy how drawn I am to Halloween decor, so I vowed to purchase the least expensive items I could find. That, of course, forced me to be a little creative with how I used them!

Halloween Vignette

The spiders were for another craft, but I think they were $2.00 for a pack of 8? I put a piece of white paper in the frame, and glued them on there.

Halloween spiders

The black spider web is actually a felt coaster. Michaels for $2.47? I should know these things, right? I used a piece of black tule to give it a little dimension on the white paper. Again, glued it on there.

Halloween web

And the black bat. It was $1.99 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I think it’s a placemat? I turned over the back of the frame and painted it white. Then guess what I did. Go ahead. Guess. I glued the bat on there. Your mind? It’s blown. 

Halloween craft

Since I used the webs and spiders for other projects, I’m gonna say this whole thing cost less than $5.00. That’s what I do. I actually spent $6.47 but I convinced myself it actually cost much less. I find that concept helps with my marriage too. I’ll be back with another project later this week!

Halloween decorations

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