DIY Acrylic Tray


Well, happy Monday! Hopefully you had a good weekend. I mostly rested up from a cold that just wouldn't let go, but I did get to stop into Hobby Lobby for a bit of retail therapy. I had an "aha" moment while I was there. You know--one of those where you're all, "Duh! Why didn't I think of that sooner?!" I won't over-word this one. It's pretty self-explanatory. Hobby Lobby has a bunch of these … [Read more...]

Extending Cabinets to Ceiling


The laundry room remodel is moving along slowly but surely. Actually, more slowly than surely. It took me an eternity to find the right wall color, but I think I've found it! I thought I'd show you how we extended the cabinets to the ceiling to elongate the room a little bit. We went pretty standard in this room 'cause well…it's a laundry room. However, the more time I spent in there, the more I … [Read more...]

DIY Jewelry Tray


Happy Monday! When I organized Little One's closet, I alluded to all the work that went behind finding all the coordinating colors for everything. Basically, this is how the items started out. A bunch of hodge podge colors that would have looked pretty random in that space. Today, we're gonna focus on the black tray. It was a little too "David Hasselhoff meets Don Draper" for her, so I attacked it … [Read more...]

Closetmaid Closet


When we built this house, the number one mistake we made was not utilizing our closets better. Let me show you exhibit A. Great space, lots of room, and very poorly planned. We ended up putting all kinds of items in bins on the floor. Well that wasn't working out well! (Bad cell phone pic taken by husband) It was at that moment that Closetmaid entered our lives and saved. the. day. Wanna hear … [Read more...]

Union Jack Tray {3M DIY Starts Here}


**Due to a scheduling issue, I had to pull this original post. It's baaaaack! Hello there! I’ve been doing a little “project”ing around here lately, and I thought I’d show one to you. I’ve been loving the union jack pattern, but it’s just not something that would really fit in my house in any kind of large scale. So I did the next best thing—a smallish tray. For about $12, it’s kind of … [Read more...]

Woodland Party {Part 1}


Yes, part one. There’s no way I can wrap up the birthday extravaganza in one post, so I’ll share it with you throughout the week. I used to throw these over-the-top/this-is-too-stressful/what did I get myself into?parties for my kids, but I decided to take a couple of years off. Well, little one reminded me that this was a big year for her (double digits and all), so she wanted a big … [Read more...]

Birthday Sneak Peek


Woah. Busy week. My “little one” turned 10 this week, and she wanted a big birthday party. Greeaaat. After months of planning, way more money than I care to talk about, and a night of 15 houseguests, things are getting back to normal--if normal means having a pile of dishes two feet tall on your countertop. I still have some people here visiting, so I can’t give you the full tour just yet. But I … [Read more...]

Ikea Butcher Block Countertop {giveaway winner announced}


Long title, eh? It kind of matches the process of this laundry room transformation. Baby steps. Soooo we started with the DIY pedestals. It was a priority for me, so we knocked it out first. Let me tell ya—still in love. We had inexpensive laminate installed when we built. The ol’ “It’s just a laundry room” argument. Well, I was over it. I drove two long hours to our “local” Ikea and purchased … [Read more...]

A Gallery of In-Betweens


I have ADD. Granted, it’s self-diagnosed ADD, but my mom agrees with me. So it must be true, right? Like a song writer who wakes up in the middle of the night to write down song lyrics, I have ideas swirling in my head day and night. A blessing AND a curse. I start in on something, and if my husband waits too long to help me with one little element of it, I’m moving on to another project. … [Read more...]

Workbench Turned Console {DIY Table}


This is going to have to be a couple of posts. I just have too many pictures. It started with me wanting to get rid of our armoire. It was bulky; we’d had it for 9 years; I was over it. That’s a good enough reason, right? (I’ve probably taken 481 pictures of the armoire, and this is the only one I could find. Annoyed.) So, we sold the three matching wood pieces on Craigslist, and the hunt began … [Read more...]

A BOY Teacher Gift?


School. is. out.                              This was me at 6:22 on Friday.                                               This was me at 9:46 on Monday. Our last week of school is always a busy one with graduation, school parties, exams, and open houses. Of course, that includes finding just the right present for our kids’ teachers. August 18th, 2011...Daughter: “Mom, I don’t know how I’m … [Read more...]

DIY Pedestals


Guess who’s back? Back again. Justa’s back, Justa’s back….if you’re an Eminem fan, you totally hear it. If not, you’re just annoyed right now. Sorry. I’m back!! I’ll return again tomorrow with all kinds of ‘splaining about my absence, but I have a little DIY project to talk about first. The folks at Lowes were gracious enough to sign me onto their team, and I missed the assignment for April. I … [Read more...]

Billy Bookcases DIY


Built-in Billy bookcases are certainly not a new concept, but I never felt like the directions were close enough to what I needed. Enter my friend Kate. She gave some more details about the project, and I knew I was sold. While I loved the 15” depth of Ikea’s newer bookcase, I knew I wanted them to go all the way to the ceiling. The extenders are only available on the 11” depth, so the decision … [Read more...]

House Goals


Nester is having a House Goals party, and it was just what I needed to start mapping out my plan for 2012. Since this post alone took me about three hours to write, I can only imagine how long the projects themselves will take. We’ll see. 1. That darn master bedroom. It’s a thorn in my side. I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it simply because we don’t have guests up there. (This is … [Read more...]

Neutral Christmas Tree

Beautiful Christmas tree

Quasimodo [kwah-zee-moh-doh] noun: a grotesque hunch-backed evergreen indigenous to the upper states of North America. I found Quasimodo at a local tree farm, and it was ugly. Alright. So what did I do? I knew I was going in a different direction with my tree this year because of the new curtains. I wanted something more natural and in line with the color scheme of the living room. But…I … [Read more...]