How to Photograph Products


I've got a bit of an issue with measuring cups. I don't have display cases full of them or anything, but I have more than I need. They're just so….pretty. And useful. And I feel good about myself when I buy a new set. I need therapy, I know. But that's not my point. I was messing around with my camera this weekend and thought I'd share how to photograph items with a crisp, white background. I was … [Read more...]

The Must List: The Lettered Cottage


Layla was one of my first true blog friends, and I couldn’t be more proud to have her here today. I do well with two things—humor and full disclosure. Luckily, Layla fits the bill for both! I learned more about her in 5 minutes than what it takes some women years to learn about their friends. That’s my kind of girl! As for her blog? It speaks for itself. Seriously. Here she is! Hello! I'm … [Read more...]

The Must List: The House of Smiths


Happy Monday and Happy “This is such an awesome guest post” day! Shelley from House of Smiths has such a beautiful blog, and her photography is spot on. Every post she writes is like a breath of cheery, fresh air, so I HAD to ask her to write about some photography tips. Let me tell ya—they. are. good. Sit back and take notes! Hey JAG fans! I'm excited to be sharing 3 of my must-know … [Read more...]

Lightscoop: My New Favorite!

Before I say anything else, you need to know that I received no compensation for this post. I’m simply madly in love with this new gadget, and you MUST know about it! The other day I was stalking perusing Tatertots and Jello, and Jen mentioned this product. It’s called Lightscoop, and it changes the way you’ll take pictures with a flash for-eh-vah. … [Read more...]