The Cabinet is D-O-N-E

Okay. So it’s not completely done. I lied. But I figure I have held you off on this project for long enough. It just needs to be jewelry-fied, so I guess you can see it by now. Let’s take a look at the before, shall we? I loved everything about it—the glass details, the shape, the storage, etc.  The wood was beautiful, but it was badly beat up. That certainly helped with my decision to … [Read more...]

Creating Your Masterpiece E-book

I’ve been sitting on a little nugget of information that I’ve been wanting to pass on for some time now. My friend Shaunna is absolutely brilliant when it comes to refinishing furniture (well, I’m sure she’s brilliant at other things too), and she has written her first e-book. The cover alone is knock-your-socks-off gorgeous, isn’t it? She basically does things to furniture that I didn’t … [Read more...]

Coastal Bathroom

Back in July, I decided I needed to do something to my kids’ bathroom. The white on white just wasn’t working for me, and I needed something different. The only problem is that this was back in July…of 2008. Yes. That’s when this “remodel” began, and it is finally finished. The before pictures are also before I had a good camera. It also helps emphasize how much better the afters are. You with me … [Read more...]

Brooch Magnets

Some time ago I had written that my grandparents moved in with my mom and told me they wanted me to take anything valuable.  Being the sentimental sap that I am, I quickly took anything and everything that had meaning to me--namely, my grandmother’s brooches. I thought it was such a personal item that I would cherish for years. Her brooches and my grandfather’s collection of fedora hats … [Read more...]

Paint Colors

Woah. The e-mails. I get a lot of questions about the colors used throughout my house, and if I were smarter, I would have typed up this post a long time ago. It wasn’t until this weekend when I was trying to find out the color of someone’s living room that I understood. It took me forever to find it, and I quickly realized that maybe you go through the same thing here. There are some colors that … [Read more...]

Ok. The Craft Room

I spent forEVer looking for a picture of my den “before”, but I could only find a couple of isolated shots. It all started with this desk.   I loved it, but it became useless once we purchased our laptop. Once we sold it, I knew exactly what I wanted. A craftroom. Scratch that—I wanted an obnoxiously girly space just for me that no one could ruin with toys or camouflage gear. It … [Read more...]

In Media Res

My students try to tell me that they will never use some of the Shakespearean terms that we talk about in class. There. I just proved them wrong.  That’s where we’re at, however. In the middle of things. The good news is that we went and picked up our new family member this weekend. Because I think Craigslist pictures are horrible, I thought I’d take some to show it off to you. … [Read more...]

A Dresser Finds a New Life

pink peonies

In an effort to transform my office into my craft room, I knew it was vital to find some good storage. Unfortunately, my budget didn’t allow me to build this. From my Feathered Nest  However, this little beauty was definitely in my budget. Okay, so maybe she’s not quite a beauty (yet), but at $23.00, I couldn’t resist buying it. Like the “handle” on the right side?   As soon as I got it … [Read more...]

Stationary Stationery

Look at that. A clever title and I can probably find it in the future. Okay. I have been trying to teach my children about the value of a written thank you recently. While I’m kind of obsessed with stationery, I have admittedly gotten away from using it as often as I should. Thanks to winning a $50.00 gift card to Tiny Prints last fall, I was finally able to fulfill my return address label … [Read more...]

Dining Room Shopping List

This is what I consider the “meat and potatoes” of a room transformation.  Oh sure, the board and batten tutorial was fine, but this is the fun part.  If you’re anything like me, this is the stuff I always want to know. Again, the #1 question?  The chairs.  You’re going to hear this word a lot.  Ikea.  They were $59.99 (I think that included the slipcover). … [Read more...]

Furniture Painting Tutorial

**Please see the updated post on how to paint furniture. The paint I mention is no longer available, and you can find the replacement for that here. The #1 e-mail inquiry I get is from people wanting to know the specifics about how I paint furniture.  I tend to giggle at this because I certainly don’t consider myself an expert.  I’ve been lucky that (knock on wood) I haven’t had any disasters … [Read more...]

Painted Cabinets

When my mom told me that I had finally convinced her to paint her kitchen cabinets, I said one thing, “Make sure you take before photos!”.  Here’s what she sent. Oh, and this one.  From two years ago.  And my daughter is wearing make up.  Ack! Luckily, the before pictures (or lack thereof) aren’t the focus of this show.  It took some convincing, but she painted them—and then some! She … [Read more...]

How to Paint Furniture

buffet detail thumb

**Please see the updated post on how to paint furniture. The paint I mention is no longer available, and you can find the replacement for that here. Here we go. Start out with a piece of furniture covered in years of build-up.  I bought this TSP degreaser, and it worked like. a. charm.  It was $6.00 at my grocery store. I walked into the paint store and told my paint guy, “I don’t want … [Read more...]