Birthday #5

Not many posts this week.  I realize this.  However, the end of wrestling season is upon us which means traveling to the ends of the earth for tournaments.  Yay. A highlight of our week was celebrating Thomas’s birthday.  You may remember that we celebrated his 4th birthday last year.  My daughter has the memory of an elephant, so she made sure we remembered his … [Read more...]

Bathroom Update

At the risk of having fruitcake thrown at me, I’m posting something non-Christmas today.  Today was our third snow day (I’m greedy and praying for our 4th tomorrow), so I spent some time tweaking things I’ve been meaning to tweak. I’ve simply had a couple of bare spots here and there from when I last painted this room, and I shopped the house to fill them.  I know this wheat is supposed to … [Read more...]

Christmas Mantel

I’m on a role here, people!  There’s no stoppin’ this Christmas decorating fool.  Well, I guess laundry could always stop me.  However, I’ve just chosen not to do it.  It’s the sacrifice I’m willing to make. Remember this wreath?  Luckily I’ve stocked up on the super wide ribbon from Wal-Mart, and I simply changed it out for the season. My neutrality (yup, made it up) took a … [Read more...]

A Little Maximus for Ya

Believe me.  No pun intended.  It’s no secret how I feel about the dog, but he’s had a pretty busy life lately.  I thought I might share a couple of things for you. The other day I came downstairs only to find Maximus in a hysterical fit.  We’re talking full-on dramatics here.  Wimpering, whining, pacing back and forth, hair up on its end. “What is it, buddy?”, I … [Read more...]

Birthday in Review

Do you have those special days where you think, “Gosh, my husband SO got it right this time!”  Yeah, well…I don’t.  No offense to my husband.  He just seems to miss the mark when it comes to “getting it right”.  However, NOT this time.  He knocked it out of the park. He surprised me with reservations at my favorite restaurant.  They could serve cardboard dipped in … [Read more...]

Feature Friday!

Well, last week’s computer failure has put me behind on my features.  What a bummer.  Please don’t fret if you aren’t featured this week.  If I do too many at one time, I worry that each of you won’t get your deserved exposure.  And believe me…you deserve your exposure! Vanessa at V and Co. could be my new best friend.  Everything she touches turns to gold, and I find … [Read more...]

4th of July Parade

I’ll bet you didn’t know there was actual preparation involved in watching fireworks, did you?  Well, if you have kids there IS.  My suggestion is to begin around 9 hours before show time. Step 1:  Decorate your mantel with hodgepodge patriotic decorations about 20 minutes before your in-laws come to visit.  That way your mother-in-law won’t comment about your lack of 4th of July decor. … [Read more...]

Q and A Session

I have answers! Okay. This might be a lame excuse for a post, but I truly have been asked these questions more than once. My laziness tells me this is a brilliant idea. My creativity says "not so much". If you haven't asked me any questions, and you don't want to know the answers, please come back another day. If you've been dying to know what color paint is in my dining room, this is just the … [Read more...]

The Nemesis x’s 2

I believe the term "horse" was used by more than one of you when asking about my dog in past posts. This picture is quite reflective of him because I feel like it exemplifies that dumbfounded expression that is on his face most of the time. I generally refer to him as The Nemesis in my posts, but this week, I have realized that it could most definitely be worse. Enter...Maximus' sister. Our … [Read more...]

Christmas Advent Activities

I just hate being blog-abandoned, and I did that to you. I forgot to tell you that we went out of town for the weekend. Oops. We're back. My in-laws are on their way, and we're going to my son's Christmas concert tonight--in a snow storm. However, I've gotten some e-mails from people asking me what the actual activities were for the advent calendar I made. So tonight I have an update for you. … [Read more...]

The Evolution of a Living Room

Okay. So maybe it's not the project you were expecting, but it IS something I/we got done around here. We built this house 5 years ago, and looking back now, I was probably a little conservative in the living room. Okay...a LOT conservative. I kept thinking, "This is the room we're going to be in night and day." I didn't want anything too bold and annoying. Instead, I came up with neutral and … [Read more...]

Mantle Madness!

Well, I forewarned you. Halloween decorating is. on. It was a chilly, windy, rainy day today (actually it was all those plus sunny, cloudy, and warm--it's Michigan, what do you expect?). Anywho, what better atmosphere than that to start decorating for the day to eat my kids' candy...err...Halloween? Our fireplace is pretty much the focal point of our house, so I always start with that. Here is the … [Read more...]

Halloween Preview

Well, I don't know how you ladies do it, but you're waaaay ahead of me getting your decorations out for fall. However, what about Halloween? I can't decorate for fall unless I first get all my little ghouls out! It is my 2nd favorite holiday to decorate for (you can probably guess the 1st), and I just loooove going shopping for little spiders, witches, etc. This little witch is my new favorite. … [Read more...]

Keeping Track

I keep telling myself that I'm going to post about my blog keeper tracker (yeah, that makes sense), so today I'm just going to do it! If you haven't found out about Bloglines, let me be the one to introduce you. It keeps track of all the blogs you choose to subscribe to, and it lets you know when there's been a new post. Obviously, this whole blog hobby can take up some time. There's no way to … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday

Well, since it IS his birthday, I will refrain from calling him my nemesis. That's right. Maximus turned one yesterday. Lucky for us, he will still be in his puppy stage for another year because of his "giant breed-ness". One of my former students who I now consider my friend (tells you how old I'm getting) bought Maximus's sister (Cabo). So, we had a birthday party for them. Well, we grilled … [Read more...]