BA Friday (Before and After)


You know how I feel about a good laundry room, right? I talked about laundry rooms here and here. Oh, and here.  The Project Girl has a number of before and afters I could have shown you, but this laundry room is top on my list. Ugh--I love it!  Before-- After-- How does one choose a favorite? The floors? Those cabinets? The counter top? All pretty fantastic! Go visit The Project Girl for LOTS … [Read more...]

Ikea Butcher Block Countertop {giveaway winner announced}


Long title, eh? It kind of matches the process of this laundry room transformation. Baby steps. Soooo we started with the DIY pedestals. It was a priority for me, so we knocked it out first. Let me tell ya—still in love. We had inexpensive laminate installed when we built. The ol’ “It’s just a laundry room” argument. Well, I was over it. I drove two long hours to our “local” Ikea and purchased … [Read more...]

Laundry Room Mood Board

Laundry room mood board

Woops. Did the weekend end already? Sorry about that. I found myself telling someone the other day that this is a busy time of year for me. I then realized that I say that about six times a year. I should probably come to terms with the fact that I’m just busy. I’ve got parent/teacher conferences coming up next week, so that kind of keeps me from tackling any big projects around the house. … [Read more...]

I Don’t Know What to Title this Post.

For the first time in a while, my husband had the weekend off. So you know what that means, don’t you? I got nothing done. No spray painting, no hot gluing, and no decorating. Sorry. In an effort to save face, I did do a couple of things. Namely, laundry. See? I’ve got baskets to prove it. So here’s a dilemma. I washed a couple loads of whites, and these are all the socks I washed for my … [Read more...]

Laundry. The Bane of my Existence

If I haven’t shouted it from the rooftops enough by now, you should know that I have a love affair with laundry rooms.  Don’t believe me?  Check here, here, and here. I do not, however, have a love affair with laundry.  It’s more of a love/hate relationship.  It loves to haunt me, and I hate to address it. As I take you on a tour of gorgeous laundry rooms, I figure I’ll ask … [Read more...]