Craft Room Renovation


So…my craft room (I call it my project room, but that’s neither here nor there) is undergoing a transformation. It’s gone through a few transformations, and I’ve never been super happy with it. You know that feeling when you “finish” a project, and you still have a checklist of things you’d like to do to it? Yeah, that’s never a good sign. This new project involves a wall of bookshelves. And a … [Read more...]

Girl’s Room Resource

blue pink girls room

Hey, all. At first I didn’t know if this post would be warranted, but I’ve received so many e-mails. It just seems like the best way to answer all of them. A quick post, but chuck full of information! Daybed--purchased here. I got it with the trundle, and it came with a free mattress for it. Perfect for sleepovers. Duvet—Serena and Lily (Anabel Duvet) Worth every single … [Read more...]

Girly Room Updates


Ummm hello. I could give you a list of what’s kept me away lately, but let’s just say that two of them are this here blog and strep throat. Neither of which has allowed me much spare time this week. However, I did get a fun package in the mail this week, so I thought I’d show you some updates I made to my daughter’s room. After seeing all the work that recently went into my son’s room, I think … [Read more...]

From Me to You


I have a table-full of Christmas presents to wrap, a dog to make my husband wash, and suitcases to pack, so I’ll be signing off for a few days as we visit family. This little “hobby”of mine has been more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined thanks to you, and I look forward to many more adventures together! From me and the whole JaG family, have a safe and happy holiday. Merry … [Read more...]

Best Family Christmas Movies

If you remember, Part 1 of this post was for adults. When reading your comments, it was very difficult not to agree with you on some of your picks. However, I knew I had to reserve the “reveal” of those favorites in this post. Shall we begin? Yes, we shall. #9. (First of all, who starts with 9?) Rudolph. If you are anywhere near my age (you know, like 23), this was thee show to watch when we were … [Read more...]

Advent Calendar Tree {SaS Day}


I’ve been using the same advent calendar for a few years now, and this year I wanted to do something a little different. Simple and inexpensive—but different. You know what that means, don’t ya? Dollar store. I bought these little buckets in the wedding section (3 in a bag) for a total of $9.00. While I still love the activity advent, I decided to mix it up with some candy. No harm … [Read more...]

Tween Bedroom {boys room}

boys bedroom

Awww…you’ve waited long enough. I’m just too busy to finish it all for a “final” reveal. Looks like it’s gonna have to be in stages. You ok with that? Figured as much. So this part’s done! Do you want to see what it looked like before? It was perfect…for a younger boy. My tween was starting to like “edgy-er” things, so it just wasn’t suiting him anymore. With the darker colors, the … [Read more...]

Kids Thanksgiving Roundup

As a kid, I remember never being too overly excited about Thanksgiving. It’s the one that comes “after the holiday with candy and before the holiday with presents” for kids. Poor Turkey Day. It doesn’t have a chance with little ones. Unless….you have some cute and clever ideas like these. source If you have a bunch of kids at your Thanksgiving festivities, it’s a great idea to have a separate … [Read more...]

Woven Memo Board


I’m getting there. The finishing touches of my son’s room are being put into place, and I should be finished this week. One of those finishing touches is a burlap memo board I spotted on Jones Design Company. I knew this room was the perfect spot for it, so I went to work. Emily really gives a fantastic tutorial on it, so I’ll spare you the same ol’ show. I cut the strips in three inch … [Read more...]

Halloween Hoopla


Sugar coma? Walking for miles from house to house? Entertaining a bunch of kids with pizza and candy? Whatever it was, it made me tired. But how could I go without showing you this? As my husband says, “Enjoy that dress now ‘cause you won’t wear another one for 30 years.” But she sho’ is cute, no? My son? Uhhh….he’s uhhh… It’s a Morph suit. It was expensive (great), and it was sold … [Read more...]

Teen Boy Rooms

My husband left for training abandoned me for a week right in the middle of my son’s bedroom transformation. Since I can’t really cut through 11 pallets by myself, it has been stalled. Bummer. How do I make myself feel better? I find pictures of rooms that are decorated in the direction I wanna go. You want a tween girl’s bedroom? There are currently 3,771,893 pictures of them on the … [Read more...]

Healing Field


On Sunday, we took our son to see the Healing Field in my town (have I told you how much I love my town?) to commemorate those who perished on 9/11.        While I wasn’t planning on writing a post on it, I was so impressed and overwhelmed by it all that I had to share. 3,200 perfectly aligned flags standing 8 feet tall represented each individual.  Of course, each flag had a tag to … [Read more...]

Just a Little Somethin


I always struggle with personal stuff on here. It’s generally a decorating blog, but… A couple of weeks ago, I took my daughter to her first concert.  We literally just walked in the door from Florida, and we were both exhausted. But for Taylor Swift? We pushed through.     I could go on and on about how our girls emulate the wrong images today and how we have to be very careful about what our … [Read more...]

The Trip: Part 1


I know. It’s never a good thing when a vacation post is titled “Part 1.” I’ve been living out of a suitcase (a carry-on, mind you!) for 14 days. You’re just gonna have to bare with me on this one. Plus, I promise a couple of good house tours! Here we go… Day 1:      (Awww…them’s just jokes. I won’t torture you that much.) In case you didn’t know, we went to Naples, Florida to visit this … [Read more...]

Show and Share Day


The only bad thing about not working in the summer? I lose track of days. I literally had no clue it was Friday, but SaS Day is now up and running! The projects are slowly--but surely--getting done around here, but I thought I’d share how we’ve been spending a couple of our days lately. It’s one of our favorite places to be together (proof is here and here). We’re going again tonight to watch … [Read more...]