Outdoor Birthday Party

birthday sign

Happy Monday! I know some of you are back to school already, but we're still celebrating summer--even if it is the last few minutes of it. My little one turned 13 a week ago, and she said she wanted to have a few girlfriends over to hang out in the backyard. "A few friends" is code for 15. Just so you know this. I did not. As usual, I went into full birthday mode until my teenager … [Read more...]

Back to School Ideas for Teenagers


Thank you so much for all your kind messages about my Lowe’s makeover. I certainly have some specifics to show you, and I’m working on that. For now, however, we have something perilous to talk about. Back. to. school. "GAH! Run for your lives! Hide the alarm clocks! Not peanut butter sandwiches again!” Once the flood of negativity has worn off, perhaps you can appreciate that stuff needs to … [Read more...]

Perfume Storage


Remember when I built these bookshelves for my daughter? Ohhhh come on…you remember…these? Well, my baby is growing up. She no longer reads “kid books, mom” and all her books are now digital. Picture my lip quivering and a tear strolling down my cheek. Well, the shelves still had plenty of good life in them, so I changed them over to fit my growing girl’s needs. As in... Perfume? … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday {Back to School}


Happy Friday! As “that time of year” approaches us, I thought I’d share some back to school ideas that I've used around our home. Their needs are changing as they get older, but these have been some of the most popular for my kids. Art Tray DIY First-Aid Kit Homework Box (A MUST!) Lunch Drawer And notes to stay in touch with them! You’ll find plenty more under “organization” in my project … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday {Birthday Parties}


Well, happy Friday! And Happy Fourth of July! Hopefully, you’re celebrating with family and friends. Today’s flashback is some birthday parties I’ve documented. Unfortunately, I had plenty of birthday parties under my belt before I started blogging about them. Soooo I have a few I can show you. First up? The Indiana Jones party. I’m no cake expert (clearly), but my son loved it. Guess that’s all … [Read more...]

Be My Valentine


If there's one thing I'm really good at, it's being late. Better late than never? Regardless, here's a couple of things we did for the big ol' day of love around here. Miss Little's Valentine's box had to be out of recycled materials this year--meaning it had to be from a cereal box, oatmeal container, etc. After looking around and putting some ideas together, she settled on an Valentine's iPod … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Mailboxes {Lowe’s Creative Ideas}


Happy middle of the week to you! So far, we've been hit with the flu and temperatures so low the snow crunches under your feet. If you don't know what that sounds like, then you've never had those temperatures. :) Maybe this little project will warm your heart. Get it? Warm?? For my Lowe's project this month, Valentine's Day is the theme. Seems appropriate enough, eh? What? You don't think you … [Read more...]

Lunch Notes {Lunch Drawer}


Three dreaded words—back to school.  We are officially back at it, and I’d be lying if I said I was happy about it. I love my kids being home in the summer! As a working mom, there is inevitable guilt, so I’ve tried for years to come up with different ways to stay connected to my kids while they’re at school/I’m at work. When they were little, I had mailboxes in their rooms to leave notes for … [Read more...]

Woodland Theme Party {Part 3}


Wow. Three posts for one party? Yeah, I hear ya. We’re almost done. You saw how the woodsy table was decorated, and I showed you how I put together a play tent for the girls to hang out in. Now—how to entertain them? I knew the girls would be watching a movie when it came time to settle, so I thought a popcorn bar would be the perfect companion! And it. was. loved. My brother-in-law arrived … [Read more...]

Woodland Party {Part 1}


Yes, part one. There’s no way I can wrap up the birthday extravaganza in one post, so I’ll share it with you throughout the week. I used to throw these over-the-top/this-is-too-stressful/what did I get myself into?parties for my kids, but I decided to take a couple of years off. Well, little one reminded me that this was a big year for her (double digits and all), so she wanted a big … [Read more...]

Birthday Sneak Peek


Woah. Busy week. My “little one” turned 10 this week, and she wanted a big birthday party. Greeaaat. After months of planning, way more money than I care to talk about, and a night of 15 houseguests, things are getting back to normal--if normal means having a pile of dishes two feet tall on your countertop. I still have some people here visiting, so I can’t give you the full tour just yet. But I … [Read more...]

I Have a Teenager


Clearly, I don’t look nearly old enough to have a 13-year old, but I do. Most (none?) of you will ever meet him, but here are a couple of things I know about my son. He is amazingly patient, and kind, and tolerant, and protective of his sister. (He’s carrying her shoes. Really?) He loves all kinds of creatures—critters, bugs, snakes, etc. He has saved my life no less than 20 times … [Read more...]

A BOY Teacher Gift?


School. is. out.                              This was me at 6:22 on Friday.                                               This was me at 9:46 on Monday. Our last week of school is always a busy one with graduation, school parties, exams, and open houses. Of course, that includes finding just the right present for our kids’ teachers. August 18th, 2011...Daughter: “Mom, I don’t know how I’m … [Read more...]

When It Rains, It Pours


I promise I’ll be back in the game next week. I’m pretty sure! It’s been a rough week at the JaG house. Can’t seem to catch a break around here, ya know? :) Tomorrow I will be attending the funeral of my 18-year old student. She was 7 days away from finishing high school and was one of the brightest highlights of my career. It’s heartbreaking. And just to make things worse, I had not … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day


I am thankful for my mom for providing me with the most wonderful childhood I could have hoped for. And I’m thankful for my children for making even the most difficult moments of motherhood totally worth it!! Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!! … [Read more...]