Christmas Porch


We finally had our first snow day of the school year. I say finally because in one month, we've had 25 inches of snow. Needless to say, I was ready. This gave me some extra time to actually get outside and photograph our front porch. I impaled my ankle with some ice, and I froze my fingers to the bone. This is what I do for you. It's quite the classic house, so I keep it pretty standard. As much … [Read more...]

Cheap Halloween Decorations


Happy Monday! Fall is here (woo hop!), and I've been doing a little Halloweening around the place. I'm not decorating the mantel this year (gasp!!), so a little vignette in the dining room will have to do. It's rather unhealthy how drawn I am to Halloween decor, so I vowed to purchase the least expensive items I could find. That, of course, forced me to be a little creative with how I used … [Read more...]

Simple Easter


Posting on a Saturday? Call me crazy. Or just call me really busy through the week. Easter is quickly approaching (which means spring break for me!!), and I will say that it's probably the most difficult holiday for me decor-wise. It means four things--bunnies, eggs, flowers, and baskets.  All of which can border on frilly or downright obnoxious if not done well. So how does one decorate for … [Read more...]

Be My Valentine


If there's one thing I'm really good at, it's being late. Better late than never? Regardless, here's a couple of things we did for the big ol' day of love around here. Miss Little's Valentine's box had to be out of recycled materials this year--meaning it had to be from a cereal box, oatmeal container, etc. After looking around and putting some ideas together, she settled on an Valentine's iPod … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Mailboxes {Lowe’s Creative Ideas}


Happy middle of the week to you! So far, we've been hit with the flu and temperatures so low the snow crunches under your feet. If you don't know what that sounds like, then you've never had those temperatures. :) Maybe this little project will warm your heart. Get it? Warm?? For my Lowe's project this month, Valentine's Day is the theme. Seems appropriate enough, eh? What? You don't think you … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

fur stockings

The good news? I finally got a new laptop! The bad news? I have no idea how to work it. I've made the leap to Mac, and while it's really nice, it also has quite the learning curve to it. Luckily, I have some time to practice and make perfect. I will be taking the week off to spend time with family, sleep really late, and play with my new computer. I hope you all have a blessed and … [Read more...]

Decorating with Cornstalks


Is that the truth or what? I l-o-v-e October. Perhaps my favorite month? I’m sure it has a little something to do with my birthday and my anniversary (17 years, yo!), but it’s the combination of fall colors, warm clothing, and doughnuts. Yeah. I have a thing for doughnuts. Something I’m kinda bummed about? I didn’t get any cornstalks for my porch this year. I know. What was I thinking, right? A … [Read more...]

Fall Window Boxes


Before I say anything else, can I just tell you how much fun I’ve had reading your comments on our little birthday quiz? Sarah and I have been sharing responses, and we’re loving them! From your quiz anxiety to “hanging your head in shame” over your results, it’s been very entertaining. Thank you so much for playing along. And yes…we will definitely explain the answers tomorrow when we announce … [Read more...]

Fall Porch


My favorite outdoor decorations for fall are mums. 1. They were my dad’s favorite flower. 2. I love how dense the fall colors are in them. Since I need a strong color on my porch, they are a perfect solution. I think the only tricky part about these things is finding mums that are in bloom at the same time. I’m waiting (not so patiently) for the bottom mum to bloom before the other mums … [Read more...]

Outdoor Halloween Decorations {Halloween Ideas}


The time has arrived. I started doing some Halloweening inside this week, but some outdoor Halloween ideas have certainly caught my eye. I certainly appreciate some Halloween impact on a house. These are my favorites! I love how simple this is, but the added dimension is such an impact! {Good Housekeeping} So this one is high on my list. Maybe not a vacancy sign, but I love the look. … [Read more...]

Halloween Tissue Box


I guest posted over at Eighteen 25 a little while ago, and I thought I'd share with my readers (Holla!) what's going on with the ol' Halloweening. While I didn't really do much last year, I did make this. It seems those Eighteen25 girls keep my Halloween butt in gear, eh? Soooo....I got a bit of a start on something this year. I shopped the house and realized that I bought this tissue box … [Read more...]

Dollar Store Decor {Halloween Decorating}


Don’t get too upset with me. I haven’t really started decorating yet. But I did do some shopping this weekend, and I couldn’t resist some dollar store finds. I always blame them for jumpstarting my holiday decor. How could I walk away from these cuties? For $1.00! My favorite part is that I know I won’t keep them this way. A little spruce here; a little tweak there… It’s fun to add a little … [Read more...]

Washing Washing Power Washing…


We had some people visiting last week, so it was time to go into “full cleaning mode” at JaG’s house. Let’s just say we got very little sleep, and we were very sore. We had hired a company to power wash our house and 3 minutes before his scheduled appointment (literally), he called to say that our house was too tall for him to wash. Uhhhh…huh? Luckily, our friends came through and let us borrow … [Read more...]

From Me to You


I have a table-full of Christmas presents to wrap, a dog to make my husband wash, and suitcases to pack, so I’ll be signing off for a few days as we visit family. This little “hobby”of mine has been more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined thanks to you, and I look forward to many more adventures together! From me and the whole JaG family, have a safe and happy holiday. Merry … [Read more...]

Entry Wreath


Tree Classics sent me this wreath a couple of weeks ago (can you ever have too many wreaths?), and it is gawgeous! It’s 34 inches of beauty, I tell ya. While I wouldn’t normally put a wreath of this size on my door (wouldn’t I?), I was in desperate need for something for my entry this year. I’ve spoken before about how my home sits off the road quite a bit, and that plays a role in how I … [Read more...]