Show and Share and a Giveaway!

I’ve called in sick three days this week (the most since maternity leave), been through 4 whole boxes of tissue, and downed an entire package of Nyquil. However, I’m to the point where I don’t think I’m going to die anymore. That’s a bonus. I easily could have skipped SaS Day this week (‘cause I know you would understand), but I have the mother of all giveaways for you. I just couldn’t let it … [Read more...]

Show and Share and Lia Sophia


Wouldn’t you know that I get a super spectacular giveaway for today’s SAS, and I have computer issues. Sorry for the delay, but here it is! I’m pretty excited to announce that this giveaway will have THREE lucky winners! Jennifer from Lia Sophia jewelry is offering up a few amazing pieces for you to wear. If you’re like me, you’re thinking, “Oooh, I can wear these to work!” If you’re … [Read more...]

Matthew Mead Winner!

Congratulations to Bythebrook Designs! You win a copy of Autumn with Matthew Mead! Lucky girl! (Please send me an e-mail, so I can get your copy to you.) I couldn’t resist showing you the kitchen that “Bythebrook” linked up. Pretty amazing. Love how fresh and new the after is! If you didn’t win, never fear! Matthew’s bookazine is available for purchase here. They’ll be mailing out … [Read more...]

Show and Share Day Matthew Mead


One of my oldest blog friends—wait, let’s re-word that… One of my very first blog friends is Linda from Restyled Home. She is currently the Executive Editor for Holiday with Matthew Mead, and I couldn’t be more proud of her and the team that puts out this amazing read. If you love fall as much as I do, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a cup of hot cider and taking in a visual … [Read more...]

Tour de Christmas Tree

Well, I’m certainly not one to miss out on a stream of parties, so I felt the need to participate with Sarah’s Christmas tree tour. Consider yourself forewarned, however. There are lots of pictures! Anyone who’s taken a picture of your Christmas tree understands just what a pain in the mistletoe it really is. I probably tried 4,263 settings on my camera to get it acceptable. Nothing’s as good … [Read more...]

Silhouette Cyber Monday Deal!

In the spirit of anticipation, the lucky winner will be announced at this post! For those of you who don’t win, here’s your Cyber Monday Deal! Just click on one of the ads below and enter the special code “jagirl” when you place your order. … [Read more...]

A FREE Silhouette!

Talk about one generous company! Thanks to “illness 2010” I’m a little late getting this announced, but I’m sure you’ve seen that a handful of us have been asked to give away another Silhouette machine.  You know, THEE Silhouette machine. The one that I did this(the pictures will take you to the posts)…   and this… and this with. And don’t get me started on the holiday projects … [Read more...]

SAS in Review

Once again, it was a fabulous turnout! I apologize for the lack of comments on these fantastic projects, but I’m working on borrowed time right now. I’ve currently got two kids who did NOT get enough sleep last night fighting with me about chores and baths. Gah! Simply click on the pictures below to be taken over to the fabulous ladies who shared these projects! Love them! The two … [Read more...]

Show and Share Day

Aby Garvey’s Creative Organizing was the very first blog I started reading. Her organizational skills are award worthy, and I am SO excited that Aby and Simplify 101 are offering you a GREAT giveaway this week! Simplify 101 is offering two seats in their upcoming online workshop:  quick + simple clutter control . Do you find yourself fighting the same "clutter pockets" … [Read more...]

Get Your Silhouette Here!

It’s time!  It’s time!  The Silhouette giveaway is here!  My new BFF and I have been having such a fantastic time making new things and organizing the house together!  I am SO happy that one of you will be able to foster a new relationship with your Silhouette soon! Between Silhouette’s people and my girls at How Does She who got us connected, I don’t know who to thank … [Read more...]

Mirrored Coasters

Well, the cat’s out of the bag.  Silhouette is being incredibly generous and giving away some of their machines throughout blogland.  Don’t we love them?  I’m going to be cruel and make you wait a couple more days before I do my giveaway.  This way, if you don’t win the other giveaways, you’ve still got mine! Just to show you that I’m not allll mean.  I made a little housewarming gift for my … [Read more...]

Show and Share Day

 One of my wonderful sponsors is also providing us with a giveaway this week!  When Lisa at Stella and Dot told me what she was giving away to one of my lucky readers, I nearly fell out of my chair! I have been wanting this exact cuff bracelet for months!  It’s valued at $69.00, and it could be yours for FREE!!!!  I’m so excited for you guys (and quite envious, I must admit). … [Read more...]

Some winners and some winners!

The winner of the store credit to Gussy’s shop is… Lisa at Moore Minutes The winner of the custom stamp is… Diane at In My Own Style The THREE winners of Always Happy Life shirts are… Amy at Frosted Bake Shop Karen at Sew Many Ways Maryann at Domestically Speaking Send me an e-mail, ladies, and I’ll get you connected!  Thank you for entering, and thank you to my generous … [Read more...]

Sodderbug Giveaway!

When Janelle offered to make me some custom charms from her company, I was aghast.  I don’t have things custom made for me.  I buy things at Goodwill then customize them with spray paint, so this was a HUGE treat for me. Here’s where things get tricky.  I wanted to show off her brilliant charms!  Easy enough, right?  Well, let’s take a look. Notice where the camera … [Read more...]

Giveaway Winner!

According to my clock, I still have 12 minutes.  I said I would announce the winner today, and I almost forgot!  Oops. There were so many entries.  I truly wish you all could win.  After reading your comments, you surely all deserve to win.  Alas, there can only be one. Cori from Living Arizona!  Congratulations!!! Send me an e-mail, Cori, and I’ll get you all … [Read more...]