Before and After Friday


Soooo I'm still trying to work on that goal I set for myself this year. The end of the school year is always my busiest, so I've really been trying to focus on blogging better. I used to LOVE doing Feature Friday, but it is more work than you might think. I love sharing things with you, but what's the harm in making the sharing a little easier? I present you with Before and After Friday. I will … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Mouse House {Feature Friday}


Hello, hello! Who knows how I stumbled onto Hayley’s blog Welcome to the Mouse House, but am I glad I did! You know when you find a new blog, and you just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling? Yeah…I did that. I’m going to take you on a little tour here, but you really should go visit her “in person”. Great stuff, I tell ya! Yellow. Chevron. Made them herself. I just love a … [Read more...]

Feature Friday


Well, hello and happy Friday! I survived my son’s sleepover with 10 13-year old boys (more on that later), but I’m here to share a magnificent blog and interior designer.  Lori with Lori May Interiors is a talented designer, and I love that she shares pictures of her own home too! I think it’s very telling if a designer can have their own place in their portfolio, don’t you? First up is her … [Read more...]

Feature Friday


Hey hey! Welcome back to the first installment of the second half of Feature Friday! Make sense? If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that Feature Friday has been around for a while. I stepped away from it for a minute, but I miss it. And I miss highlighting readers. So it’s back! And it’s goooood. If there’s a feature I love, it’s one who is a crazy visionary and one who says, “I … [Read more...]

Haven Hangover


What a whirlwind. I don’t have much to give you right now, because I took all of three pictures over the course of four days. It’s quite a shock going from an attendee to an organizer. Pictures definitely suffer. :( We stuffed, loaded, carried, hung, ran, sweated, and laughed our tails off. Blue balls {giggle} were a part of the decorations, and I never made it back to my camera to … [Read more...]

SAS in Review

A trip to the pumpkin patch took over my afternoon, so I’m in a bit of a rush to get this out there. Enjoy the eye candy. It is OH so good this week! Everyday Lovely Never in a million years would I have thought to choose this color for the bed, but I am forever and madly in love with it. Gorgeous! June and Bear Speaking of colors I would choose. You know I love my neutrals. And … [Read more...]

Features and Winners!

I just love this look. Must. do. The Rooster and the Hen This little “test post” would not help me, but if you have curly hair it is a MUST. READ.  A Steed’s Life It speaks for itself… Amanda Carol at Home What a fun take on a book wreath! Design, Dining and Diapers Dresser. Varied shades. Love it. Bargain Bound Such a cool before and after! The Blooming … [Read more...]

SAS in Review

Gosh I love Show and Share Day. Inspiration galore right at my fingertips. Once again, you didn’t disappoint! Crafty Decorator va-va-voomed this entry. It looks wonderful! At Home by the Baye turned some of those beautiful glass pieces you always see into something functional. I’m pretty much in love with this idea! Hi Sugarplum made one of my favorite sunburst mirrors I’ve seen … [Read more...]

Some Reader Features

I’ve had a couple of e-mails lately from some pretty awesome readers! I LOVE the opportunity to share some talent with blog land, and I really hope they get the attention they deserve. Enjoy! First up is an all-year wreath from Lindsay at That’s So Cuegly. This could be one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve seen in some time! What’s even better is the detailed tutorial that’s offered. How cool … [Read more...]

Blog Hopping

Well, in the midst of waiting for paint to dry and caulk to set, I’ve been catching up on some blog reading. For as much time I spend doing this, I thought I had seen them all. I’m introducing you to some new finds via some fantabulous projects. I’ll obviously let the pictures speak for themselves. Susan at Hometown Girl Dana at House Tweaking Yeah…still Dana. The girls at JunkFest … [Read more...]

SAS Review and Winners!

One Life Many Journeys beautified this gun case.  Yes, I said gun case!  I’m apparently searching for the wrong items on Craigslist.  Pure genius! Harrigan Howdy came up with an absolutely splendid idea to show off her kids’ art work.  So colorful and fun—even without the kids’ art! :) Entertain Exchange shows us how she striped her foyer, and I think it turned out so … [Read more...]

Seature Saturday

Oops.  Sorry about that.  Life got a hold of me and wouldn’t let me blog until today.  I’ve got some good stuff to share with you, though! It’s definitely that time of year for many of us, and the “planting bug” has taken hold.  Luckily, Kellie and This Blessed Nest decided to share some crap with me—literally.  Go check out her gardening secret! The aptly named Frame … [Read more...]

Feature Friday

Destiny at A Place for us Five has a new, gorgeous little girl, and she made a nursery that’s fitting for all that beauty! Once you see how this bathroom started out, you will appreciate its transformation that much more!  Go see all the pictures at Tales and Trials! Is it possible to be madly in love with a hallway?  Well, I am.  Notions on Nesting created this warm and … [Read more...]

Feature Friday (Party style)

Why did I get myself all worried that I would make all this food, and no guests would come? You showed and shared your pretty little hearts out!!!!  I’m still going through them all, and I had ohhhhh almost 200 that I would have featured today if I didn’t have a life.  Thank you for joining! I Heart Naptime with Chocolate Sundaes worked (and worked) on her new kitchen, and I just had to … [Read more...]

Feature Friday

Aimee at My Pink Life has quite a knack when it comes to decorating and making furniture beautiful again.  I’m loving this little side table.  I want it.  A Very Blessed Nest did a very good job with this adorable little desk she had in her attic.   One more example of how it’s the little things that can really make a difference! Bonnie at One Designing Woman got … [Read more...]