Show and Share Day (Come over!)


I’m busy catching up from our trip, so projects are slim. I get lots of messages that people like to hear about my personal life (really?), so I thought I’d share what kept us busy last weekend. It’s no secret that my husband and I are polar opposites (I don’t know how, but it works). He’s aggressive, brave, and competitive. I’m scared of a spider; I’ve been known to cry over a hangnail; … [Read more...]

The Trip: Part 1


I know. It’s never a good thing when a vacation post is titled “Part 1.” I’ve been living out of a suitcase (a carry-on, mind you!) for 14 days. You’re just gonna have to bare with me on this one. Plus, I promise a couple of good house tours! Here we go… Day 1:      (Awww…them’s just jokes. I won’t torture you that much.) In case you didn’t know, we went to Naples, Florida to visit this … [Read more...]



We’re off. We’re headed to Florida to visit my best friend, and we are ALL excited about the much-needed time together. I’m looking forward to pedicures and shopping, my husband’s looking forward to golfing, and my kids can’t wait to get on an airplane. Ahhh…kids. So…today I am busy doing a LOT of this. And yes, I stop short of packing for my husband. He can handle it. In between laundry … [Read more...]

Weekend in Review

No spray paint was involved and besides organizing them, no glue guns were used either. However, it was a busy weekend! In an effort to give a “holla!” to all the hard-working women out there (can you tell I’ve been listening to a lot of Beyonce this weekend?), I thought I’d share a little picture tour of my accomplishments. Two kinds of people will appreciate this picture. 1. Anyone who lives … [Read more...]


I've often spoken of my dear grandparents and my unexplainable love for them. My grandmother passed away this morning, and I'm absolutely heartbroken. I grew up living in the same neighborhood as them, and my childhood memories are filled with enough love to last lifetimes. My family is very small which undoubtedly makes us very close. I'll be taking a few days off to be with … [Read more...]

Brooch Magnets

Some time ago I had written that my grandparents moved in with my mom and told me they wanted me to take anything valuable.  Being the sentimental sap that I am, I quickly took anything and everything that had meaning to me--namely, my grandmother’s brooches. I thought it was such a personal item that I would cherish for years. Her brooches and my grandfather’s collection of fedora hats … [Read more...]

The Pinecone Hunt=The Pinecone Wreath

Me: Hey guys, who wants to go on a pinecone hunt with me? 8 year old: Yeah!!! Come on, everyone! Let’s go on a family pinecone hunt! (Yes, she really did say that.) 11 year old: Ehhh, I think I’ll just stay in here. It’s official. 11 years old is apparently the age in which our annual pinecone hunt is no longer worthy enough to get my son to go with us. Never fear. He went. With some … [Read more...]

Baseball Canvas

It’s no secret that we are a family of baseball fans. In particular, fans of the Detroit Tigers.  The love of baseball has run in my family for generations, and my husband grew up in the same environment.  I’ve been struggling with how to display some of that history in my son’s room recently. That was, until, I was exposed to Canvas People. You may not believe this (I was skeptical at … [Read more...]

Yes. Michigan.

Last weekend, my husband and I somehow got rid of both of our kids for the whole day. What did we decide to do with our special (and rare) time together? Take the Nemesis on a date, of course. He had never been to the “big beach” as we call it, so it was pretty fun watching him go nuts with excitement. And by nuts with excitement, I mean run 15 feet, stop to make sure we’re behind him, and … [Read more...]

That Mess

Oh goodness. I think I should explain the mess in the dining room. I guess I assumed everyone hung on my every word and knew what the mess was from. Dar! Shame on me. Perhaps Carrie had it right? ***** Carrie said... Love the chairs and they are quite the bargain! I might be thinking you guys need an episode of Hoarders dedicated to you. I'm just sayin'. ***** I mentioned … [Read more...]

Beadboard: The Master Plan

My secret plan has worked! (Insert evil laugh here). If you’re ever worried that your father in law will be less than pleased to help you install some beadboard, try this. Completely Coastal Step 1: Have your 7-year old daughter call him and jabber his ears off about her dentist appointment today and that Maximus farted while he was sitting down earlier. Step 2: Well, that’s the only step … [Read more...]

A Program Interruption

I have him-hawed about this post for quite some time. I him-ed. I hawed.  I finally came to the conclusion that you are my people. When something significant happens, it should be something you share with your people, right?  I’ve dropped subtle hints for the past couple of years, but I’ve never actually said that my husband is in law enforcement.  Uh…he’s in law enforcement. … [Read more...]

I’m Alive!

I have returned from a trip back home to visit with my brother and nephew who were in town.  I haven’t seen them in three years, so there was a lot of family bonding.  My computer was feeling left out, but I’m sure you guys did just great without me! My 16-year old nephew was king for the week.  My little ones couldn’t get enough of him! We celebrated my son’s 11th … [Read more...]

Show and Share Day

I’m back from camping.  I survived.  I will admit that my husband did his best to pamper me.  I did VERY little work, so it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.  However, I still hate camping. I’ve got some points that I need to write about, and I must share a couple of pictures of my little “warriors” as I called them.  After I wash about 31 loads of laundry, I’ll be … [Read more...]

We’re Off!

I’m going camping. I don’t camp. I don’t like to camp. I don’t want to camp. But…I’m camping. In a tent. I had these grand plans of writing posts ahead of time, so you wouldn’t even notice I was gone.  Alas, you get stuck with a picture of our destination and some final complaints about the trip. I’ll be back in a few days!  Enjoy your nice comfy beds and your central air.  … [Read more...]