A New Washing Machine!

I’m soooo sorry to my Feature Friday ladies, but I had a very pressing matter to attend to today. I finally dragged my husband out to buy a new washer. Another edit: Sorry..I was going to post what kind it is later, but I should just do it now. It's a GE 4.0 Cu. Ft. King-Size Capacity Front Load Washer #WBVH5300. We got it on sale at Home Depot for $629.00. Hope that helps! The best news is … [Read more...]

Just Another Manic…Every Day.

Well, let’s see. How do I recap what’s been going on at Just a Girl’s house? Remember when this happened last year? Well, almost one year to the day later, we now have this problem.Notice anything? That’s my washing machine above. My husband decided he was going to tear it apart and look at it fix it, so he took it out to the garage. First he looked at it……and then he looked at it again. … [Read more...]

Patriotic Porches!

I put one thing up for 4th of July this year. One.  Shame on me.  Right now, I’m trying to convince my husband that we need some flags or buntings outside.  He never quite seems to be on the same page as me.  Go figure. Don’t you just want to sit on the front porch of this house and watch a parade go by?  The house below is so much like mine…I really love the buntings … [Read more...]

Mailbox Ideas

A couple of things I forgot to tell you in yesterday’s post. 1.  I spent the majority of my vacation in Naples.  (My best friend lives there.) However, we traveled to Siesta Key, Fort Myers, and Sanabel. 2.  I did wear sunscreen.  I started with a 30 (only for 45 minutes) and then wore a protective 50.  Still burned.  Go figure. One of my favorite parts of my trip was traveling through … [Read more...]

Bloggers Come Forth!

Boy, do I have some questions for you. You see this desk below?Well, it used to be my blog spot. However, since I got this new handy dandy laptop, I haven’t been in that room since. I’m serious. I walked in there the other day, and my desk had painted itself white with dust. Hmm… What a shame, right? Over 100 square feet of space that never. gets. used. So….you know that started to get my … [Read more...]

Gray Matters

What is the ONLY thing that might be just as good as decorating your own house? Decorating someone else's, of course! My mom has decided that she is ready to redecorate her bedroom. It is looong overdue (sorry, Mom), but she's been wanting it for a while. Money doesn't grown on trees. Did you know that?We talked on the phone the other day about what she's looking at, and I told her I'd send her … [Read more...]

Accent Table Redo

Remember the bathroom re-design? Well, spring break is fast approaching, and I have to have things ready. I plan to paint that week, so I've been feverishly looking for things to prettify it. I don't know how you ladies find such great furniture at consignment shops. I never have any luck. Well....not never anymore! I went one last time to a store I don't really like going to, and look who was … [Read more...]

Willow Decor

Above all things, you should know that the Academy Awards were spectacular! I don't remember the last time I enjoyed it that much! My "husband" was in the front row (with some skinny chick right by him), and my "best friend" won! A good night, indeed!Now onto bigger and better things. I have professed my love for butler's pantries before, and today I stumbled on a slice of heaven. Willow … [Read more...]


I had a post planned for tonight--really. But then, I realized this was on. I will be spending 5 hours tonight dreaming that I'm married to him...And best friends with her...She deserves two. She's gorgeous AND the best actress out there.Sorry. I've gotta have my priorities. … [Read more...]

Bathroom Re-design

Okay. I'll just put it out there. Working, mothering, living, and wife-ing keep me very busy. Unfortunately, I just can't blog as regularly as I would like to. I hope I don't lose some good friends and followers, but it's going to be a little more sporadic until I can get things on track. Sorry and thanks for your patience! Now, onto something more fun. This summer, I spruced up my downstairs … [Read more...]

Stairway to…Storage

After tweaking my crockpot just right for another night, I (again) started to daydream about my pantry in the basement. You know...the one I don't have. When we first built this place, I anticipated the space under the basement stairs would turn into one of these.Well, it's been 5 years. If we wait much longer, I'll have to build this for my grandchildren. Then, my friend did something similar … [Read more...]

Polyvore Dining Room

Okay. The dresser reveal is coming--I promise. I threw away a part my husband needed, so it's my fault. To make myself feel better, I am convinced the dog ate it. So, probably tomorrow for the reveal. I cleaned today. The problem with cleaning is that you realize how "un-put-together" your house actually is sometimes. I haven't shown much of this room, so prepare yourself. THIS is my dining … [Read more...]

What is it about kitchens?

Sorry for the slow down on blogging. I had parent/teacher conferences this week, and it kept me busy. Also, it's wrestling season. My husband coaches our high school team and my son's youth league. I'm having a really hard time balancing it all, and blogging has suffered. Bear...bare...bayer :) with me. In order to make myself feel better about not having enough time, I decided to waste much … [Read more...]

Savvy or Impractical?

My husband doesn't know this yet, but we're buying my daughter a new bed this spring. Of course, if you're anything like me, that means start shopping for it months in advance. I posted some pics of her room months ago, and boy do I wish it were that neat now! Here's the problem... Her room really isn't all that large. She probably has too much in it, (white board, table and chair set, etc.) but … [Read more...]

Fall Planting

I got out of work and spent the evening cutting back all my summer blooms. Good bye Shasta Daisies, chow pink Lillies, and adios little yellow Coreopsis. As I ripped out all of my containers full of struggling plants, I thought about what I could do to "fall-i-fy" the outside of my house. It doesn't have to stop indoors, does it? I thought maybe something simple like this. Maybe not. I don't … [Read more...]