DIY Custom Closet


So I was a single working mom for a week, and then I had parent/teacher conferences. Sorry about the absence. I have been trying to get a couple of things done around here, however. The main one being getting alll my closets and cabinets organized. Amazing how out of hand they can get when you don’t stay on them, ya know?  Wanna see how out of hand they can get? It’s embarrassing, but here it is. … [Read more...]

Organized Garage Shelves {Lowes Creator}


This month's Lowes Creator challenge was a no-brainer. I don't have much of a pantry, so a while ago I decided to utilize our garage for some extra storage. Unfortunately, Michigan winters get pretty bitter, and we end up throwing stuff on the shelf in order to get back inside.  The weather is starting to break, so the chaos needed to be tackled. "How bad could it be?", you ask. Take a look. … [Read more...]

Washing Washing Power Washing…


We had some people visiting last week, so it was time to go into “full cleaning mode” at JaG’s house. Let’s just say we got very little sleep, and we were very sore. We had hired a company to power wash our house and 3 minutes before his scheduled appointment (literally), he called to say that our house was too tall for him to wash. Uhhhh…huh? Luckily, our friends came through and let us borrow … [Read more...]

How to Coexist with Dogs


How’s that for a title, eh? When we first got Maximus, I asked my students who have dogs how their moms (‘cause let’s be honest here) keep their houses from smelling like dog. The universal answer? “Yeah, our house just smells like dog.” Nooooooooo! As much as I did NOT want to take on the responsibility of this 140-pound slobber ball, I knew it would be mine. More importantly, I knew I … [Read more...]