Buh Bye, 2011


I’m ready for 2012 and all the possibilities it will bring. I’m ready for painting some rooms. I’m ready for building some things. I’m ready for HAVEN!! I’m ready for more time with you. Have a SAFE and fun New Year’s Eve. See you next year!! (Nope. Couldn’t resist.) … [Read more...]

From Me to You


I have a table-full of Christmas presents to wrap, a dog to make my husband wash, and suitcases to pack, so I’ll be signing off for a few days as we visit family. This little “hobby”of mine has been more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined thanks to you, and I look forward to many more adventures together! From me and the whole JaG family, have a safe and happy holiday. Merry … [Read more...]

Thankful for You

At the risk of sounding cheesy or insincere, I can’t thank you enough for being a part of my life and an integral part of this blog. I consider myself fortunate, for sure. {source} Have a nice, long weekend with family and friends. Be safe! … [Read more...]

Handmade Holiday Has Begun!


If you’re not frugal, or you’re lucky enough to be rolling around in bed in 100 dollar bills (that’s different), then perhaps this party won’t help you. For the rest of us, however? It’s ON! So here’s my contribution. A drawer. It’s my “gift drawer”. I keep my collection of cards, crafts, and tins in here in case I need a last minute gift for someone and don’t have time to shop. My reason … [Read more...]

See You Monday!


Monday is the big day for the 3rd annual Handmade Holiday party. Old project? New project? It doesn’t matter! The point is to have a compilation of some of the best, easiest, and cheapest gifts out there! I went through some of my old SAS links to find some projects that I thought would be pretty universal to complete. Love these! I hope to see you on Monday! I’ll have it up around 8am. See you … [Read more...]

Show and Share and Thank You

Saying anything else just seems silly today. Happy Veteran’s Day. {source}