2014 in Review {Cancer update}


I’m not gonna lie. While most people are saying, “Can you believe it’s the end of the year already?” I’m saying, “It’s about freaking time!”. 2014 and I did NOT get along well, and I’ve been ready and waiting to ring it out. However…this is a time to reflect and appreciate the good that did come out of the year. The blessings I was given. The happiness I experienced. So let’s take a look back and … [Read more...]

Cookie Decorating Party


If you have no Christmas shopping done and pretty much no time to spare, might I suggest you throw a cookie decorating party for six 12-year olds? This is the second year we’ve hosted it, and it’s pretty smooth sailing once you figure out some short cuts.  I definitely suggest having everything ready before the guests arrive. Plastic tablecloths from the dollar store keep things inexpensive and … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday {Birthday Parties}


Well, happy Friday! And Happy Fourth of July! Hopefully, you’re celebrating with family and friends. Today’s flashback is some birthday parties I’ve documented. Unfortunately, I had plenty of birthday parties under my belt before I started blogging about them. Soooo I have a few I can show you. First up? The Indiana Jones party. I’m no cake expert (clearly), but my son loved it. Guess that’s all … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Ideas


It's fast approaching, folks. For many of us, Mother's Day is that one acknowledgment we get (not that we'd ever need more!) for working so hard all year long. I have high expectations every year, and every year my husband has to run out Sunday morning for "an errand". Ugh. If your husband (or kids) are anything like mine, perhaps they need a little help in the gift area. Our celebrations range … [Read more...]

Be My Valentine


If there's one thing I'm really good at, it's being late. Better late than never? Regardless, here's a couple of things we did for the big ol' day of love around here. Miss Little's Valentine's box had to be out of recycled materials this year--meaning it had to be from a cereal box, oatmeal container, etc. After looking around and putting some ideas together, she settled on an Valentine's iPod … [Read more...]

Before They Were Bloggers Reveal


Well, that was some good fun, eh? While there were some pretty funny erroneous guesses, a lot of you knew I was Z! Good job. I'm pretty sure the feathered mullet and collared sweatshirt gave it away. You could tell I had style even then, right? :) The best thing about that time is I could sleep in that hair, and it would look exactly the same way in the morning. Classic. Of course, we … [Read more...]

Birthday Quiz Results and a Winner!!


Alllllrighty. It’s results time. 1. Don’t judge our weirdness. It can’t be helped. 2. Visit Sarah’s blog to hear her explanations behind her answers. Good stuff, I tell ya! Just a Girl Quiz: 1. Who removes their burger from the bun? Thrifty. She’s a freak. 2. Which one of us didn’t tell ANYONE about their blog for four years? Uhhh yeah. That’s kind of a sore spot for my friends. To this day, … [Read more...]

It’s Our Birthday! {Giveaway$$}


Holy Happy Birthday, Batman! You read that right. October 9th is my birthday. Ya know what’s even cooler? It’s one of my best friend’s birthdays too. Oh, you may have heard of her. First name Thrifty. Last name Decor. Wait…and then add Chick. Clearly, I’m messing this up. Uh yeah. The brilliance behind these rooms? And the genius behind these? It didn’t take long for us to … [Read more...]

Woodland Theme Party {Part 3}


Wow. Three posts for one party? Yeah, I hear ya. We’re almost done. You saw how the woodsy table was decorated, and I showed you how I put together a play tent for the girls to hang out in. Now—how to entertain them? I knew the girls would be watching a movie when it came time to settle, so I thought a popcorn bar would be the perfect companion! And it. was. loved. My brother-in-law arrived … [Read more...]

Woodland Party {Part 1}


Yes, part one. There’s no way I can wrap up the birthday extravaganza in one post, so I’ll share it with you throughout the week. I used to throw these over-the-top/this-is-too-stressful/what did I get myself into?parties for my kids, but I decided to take a couple of years off. Well, little one reminded me that this was a big year for her (double digits and all), so she wanted a big … [Read more...]

I Have a Teenager


Clearly, I don’t look nearly old enough to have a 13-year old, but I do. Most (none?) of you will ever meet him, but here are a couple of things I know about my son. He is amazingly patient, and kind, and tolerant, and protective of his sister. (He’s carrying her shoes. Really?) He loves all kinds of creatures—critters, bugs, snakes, etc. He has saved my life no less than 20 times … [Read more...]

Better Homes and Gardens-Did that just happen?


As I said earlier, we had “some people” come visit us last week. Those people just happened to be shooting my son’s room for a future article in their magazine—Better Homes and Gardens. So when I say we had to get our house ready, I’m not exaggerating when I tell you we washed, cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, and put away for DAYS. On the day of the shoot, of course, we got to bask in our hard work. … [Read more...]

New York Getaway


A few days ago, my brother (who lives in California) called me and said, “Hey, I’m in New York for a few weeks for work. Why don’t you get a plane ticket and come visit me?” My non-thinking self: “Heck yeah! I’ll be there in ten minutes!” My thinking (and true) self: “I don’t know…” “What if I die in a plane crash?” “Who will take care of my kids?” “Who will make sure they wear clothes that … [Read more...]