Birthday Answers and a Winner


Whoa! It’s been a busy week around these parts. Parent teacher conferences have monopolized the week (the kids and mine), so I haven’t had time to check in. However, I had to come and announce the gift card winner! And of course, explain the weirdness behind our birthday answers. Here we go. Which one of us... Has never learned to play an instrument? Sarah is surrounded by musical people and … [Read more...]

It’s Our Birthday! {Target Gift Card}


Well, Happy Birthday to US! Welcome back to another installment of we’re getting older, and it makes us feel better when we announce it to thousands of people. Sarah aka Thrifty Decor Chick has become one of my dearest and closest friends, so it’s no surprise that we share the same birthday. We also tend to share the same thoughts and feelings, but that might be for another blog … [Read more...]

Quiz Answers and Lots of Giveaway Winners


First things first--you guys are funny! You had so many great responses to Homegoods (read: apparently you're almost as obsessed as I am), and your comments about the quiz were making me laugh out loud. You are so VERY supportive of my transition to 40. It's not my favorite age (yet), but so many of you had great things to say about the year ahead of me!  Thank you for participating in both! As … [Read more...]

It’s a Birthday Party!

Sarah Chris Bday

It is officially official. As of 8:14 this morning, I am no longer in my 30's. I know what you're thinking. Clearly, I don't look old enough to be 40. Orrrr you're thinking, "She's only 40?!" Either way, it happened. I don't feel great about it, but I'm not exactly upset. Of course, it always helps when one of your best friend's (THE Thrifty Decor Chick) is celebrating her birthday on the same … [Read more...]

Birthday Quiz Results and a Winner!!


Alllllrighty. It’s results time. 1. Don’t judge our weirdness. It can’t be helped. 2. Visit Sarah’s blog to hear her explanations behind her answers. Good stuff, I tell ya! Just a Girl Quiz: 1. Who removes their burger from the bun? Thrifty. She’s a freak. 2. Which one of us didn’t tell ANYONE about their blog for four years? Uhhh yeah. That’s kind of a sore spot for my friends. To this day, … [Read more...]