2012 In Review


Soooo I didn't plan on writing this post. I sat here thinking, "Did I even do anything in 2012?" Uh apparently I did! No fancy collages or month by month explanation here, but I selected some highlights of the year. Maybe you saw them/maybe you didn't, but it did give me a couple of moments of accomplishment. And then I went back to feeling like I never do enough around here. It's a vicious … [Read more...]

Mustard Seed Milk Paint Dresser {Makeover}


Well, it was time. My beloved little dresser had really seen its day. The drawers weren’t holding up right, and I wanted something taller for the space. AKA—I wanted more storage. Can you ever have enough? I knew how this would play out. I’d want the dresser on day 1. I’d find it on day 219. But it was worth the wait. Beautiful condition, real wood, and $60. Iiiiiiiiii’ll take it! As I … [Read more...]

Console Table {Craigslist Project}


So where’d we leave off? Oh yeah…right in the middle of the project. The concern was that I knew I wanted something to serve as a bottom shelve, but I worried about having too many different woods all over. A large cut of wood just didn’t seem right to me, so I came up with another option. I picked up some inexpensive pieces of pine because they had knots in them. My thought process is … [Read more...]

DIY Pedestals


Guess who’s back? Back again. Justa’s back, Justa’s back….if you’re an Eminem fan, you totally hear it. If not, you’re just annoyed right now. Sorry. I’m back!! I’ll return again tomorrow with all kinds of ‘splaining about my absence, but I have a little DIY project to talk about first. The folks at Lowes were gracious enough to sign me onto their team, and I missed the assignment for April. I … [Read more...]

Home Tour


I’ve been trying to get some things updated around JaG, and I finally put some pictures up in the “Our Home” page. I love to be able to discern someone’s style through pictures of their home, and it can be difficult to find those if they’re not in one place. So….now they’re in one place.                             Before                                                       After It’s … [Read more...]

Girly Room Updates


Ummm hello. I could give you a list of what’s kept me away lately, but let’s just say that two of them are this here blog and strep throat. Neither of which has allowed me much spare time this week. However, I did get a fun package in the mail this week, so I thought I’d show you some updates I made to my daughter’s room. After seeing all the work that recently went into my son’s room, I think … [Read more...]

Painted Headboard


I’ve shared quite a few painting projects here, but I tried a new paint on this one. I thought I’d walk you through the “ugly” steps of painting. You don’t have to have a paint booth, and you certainly don’t have to have a fancy spray gun (although, they are nice to have). The love of my life has become difficult to find and is essentially not being made anymore. Because of that, I thought it … [Read more...]

Remodeled Fireplace


I went back home for Christmas Eve to visit my family—otherwise known as my mom and my Grandpa. Small holiday gatherings for us, but well worth the drive home. I walked into my mom’s house, took about 15 pictures, and then my camera died. Or did it? Apparently it “rolled off the couch while I was moving some Christmas presents.” Can you guess the culprit? Well, it wasn’t me. Me mum (pictured … [Read more...]

Best of 2011


My friend Rhoda is having her annual “best of” party, and who am I to miss a good party? I went through the ol’ archives and came up with my favorites—not an easy feat, mind you. Here we go! Coastal Bathroom DIY Bookshelves Painted China Cabinet A New Table Refinished Bench and Desk Craft Room Sewing Table DIY Tile Tray Sweater Wreath Son’s Tween … [Read more...]

Tween Bedroom {boys room}

boys bedroom

Awww…you’ve waited long enough. I’m just too busy to finish it all for a “final” reveal. Looks like it’s gonna have to be in stages. You ok with that? Figured as much. So this part’s done! Do you want to see what it looked like before? It was perfect…for a younger boy. My tween was starting to like “edgy-er” things, so it just wasn’t suiting him anymore. With the darker colors, the … [Read more...]

Spooky Wreath


A few years ago (almost exactly!), I bought this grapevine wreath for a $1.99. From this picture, you may notice two things. 1. I actually know how to take pictures now. 2. My floors are pre-Nemesis. Look! No scratches! I spray painted it (of course) and added some plastic spiders to it. Yay me. But then…my husband packed it away in the garage for three years. I totally forgot about it … [Read more...]

Alack! Alack!


That’s a little ode to Romeo and Juliet for ya. Again with having to explain the titles. Guess I’d better not quit my day job. Back to the title…I bought Ikea’s Lack shelves (noooowwww you get it) several months ago, and I finally got hubby to hang them up.   My husband has no comprehension of “good light” and “prime picture time”, so he decided to hang these at night. Great. Nothing my … [Read more...]

A New Colorful Table


You know I love my neutrals. You know neutrals are my love. You know that I can break out into hives at the thought of too much color. Until now. So this table has decorated my landing for a couple of years. There’s some color there, right? I love it, but I needed the narrow console to go in the guest bedroom. Stay with me here. It gets confusing. I took the table above off the landing … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn Craft Desk


I’ve had a couple of messages asking how the craft desk is coming along. Yeah…about that. It took me a minute, but it’s finally finished. The top was pretty scratched up, but the rest of it was in perfect condition. I dove right in by priming it while it was unassembled. The only before picture I have is this one. And now I give you the finished product.  Don’t pay attention … [Read more...]

The Cabinet is D-O-N-E

Okay. So it’s not completely done. I lied. But I figure I have held you off on this project for long enough. It just needs to be jewelry-fied, so I guess you can see it by now. Let’s take a look at the before, shall we? I loved everything about it—the glass details, the shape, the storage, etc.  The wood was beautiful, but it was badly beat up. That certainly helped with my decision to … [Read more...]