Blue Door {Virtual Shopping Trip}

I really don’t shop in boutiques very often, but I had some extra time on Friday (shocker). I thought you might enjoy a little shop I lingered in—and I mean lingered.

Blue Door antiques

Basically, every dresser, buffet, sideboard, and desk I’ve been scouring for on Craigslist was in this store. The curves, the colors, the display—everything was gorgeous!


painted furniture

Looking for some feminine, colorful, or sparkly knobs for your furniture? Cute, right? And am I wrong to be just as in love with the display?


Because I’m a freak, I found myself getting dizzy looking at all the chandeliers. Can’t. look. down.

furniture store

The basement was a treasure trove! Doors, windows, frames, architectural finds. You’re drooling now, aren’t you? Don’t be embarrassed. I was too.


Not sure why, but hardware makes me giddy. I know exactly where I’ll be shopping when I need to add a little jewelry to furniture.

hardware display


I thought this section was pretty spectacular. All kinds of silver platters, plates, etc. Many of them were stamped. I love stamped.


I’m seriously considering displaying my silverware like this. I don’t think it’ll have quite the same effect.

silverware display

You see the blue and white dresser peaking out at me? I’ve been searching near and far for one JUST like it (but smaller). I moved the small dresser out of the way so she could be shown off. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.


And lest we forget it’s Halloween time, they had such a cute display. I wanted every item. Some items I already own, but I wanted to buy another one. Because they’re that cute.


holiday display

If you’re in Grand Rapids anytime soon, stop in. My iPhone pictures don’t do it justice. Just make sure you look down once in a while when looking at the chandeliers.

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