Birthday Sneak Peek

Woah. Busy week. My “little one” turned 10 this week, and she wanted a big birthday party. Greeaaat. After months of planning, way more money than I care to talk about, and a night of 15 houseguests, things are getting back to normal–if normal means having a pile of dishes two feet tall on your countertop.

I still have some people here visiting, so I can’t give you the full tour just yet. But I can give you a couple of sneaks.  Aside from all the other wonderful features my little one possesses, she is definitely our expressive one. That girl makes you crack up  just by looking at her. This is her opening her presents–

Olivia 10 birthday

And this is what I stayed up until 2:38 in the morning making for her.

homemade tent

I’ll be back on Monday with the whole party (three parts, to be exact!), but I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll be entertaining guests and hiding in my closet for quick naps until then!

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