Billy Bookcase Complete!

by Chris on March 26, 2012

Okey Dokey! These bad boys are finished. Check. it. off. the. list. Have you ever tried to decorate 96 square feet of space? Yeah, me neither, so it was definitely a task. Here it is. Ta Da!

DIY bookshelves

In case you can’t remember where we started, this is the blank slate that was staring at me. To be honest, I’m being overly dramatic. The placement of things was pretty simple for me. Finding enough things to fill it, however, got to be a work of art.


I only purchased four items for this whole thing, and the print below was the first piece I bought. It was a no-brainer. When three separate women comment on it in the checkout line, you know you’ve got a keeper. accessories

The rest of the items I already had. I know, right? Someone collects too many accessories. Of course, they didn’t all start out looking like this. Fabric and spray paint were my best friends this week. I’ll show you later how it all came together.


My requisites included two things—it had to have storage (#1 of course), and it couldn’t look too busy. “Too busy” of anything starts to make me break out in hives. A wall of bookcases could have been just the ticket to busy-ville, so I had to be careful.

Ikea Billy

I’m having fun filling all the empty containers now. Of course, telling my husband something is “in the white box on the shelves” has proven a little more ambiguous than I anticipated. He’ll figure it out. Someday.

DIY bookshelves


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