Basement Remodel

Well, it’s not technically a remodel since it’s never been modeled. When we built this house, we were all, “We’ll finish the basement ourselves! Yeah!” 11. years. later. Ha! We had the contractor frame in the basement, but now it’s time to tackle the rest. When I show you these pictures, you may not find them impressive. But just imagine 11 years of toys, decor, and storage that hadn’t been gone through. It was horrific, so we’re so proud of how much we purged! Hooray for purging!

These pictures won’t make much sense to you now, but I think it’s fun to see things from beginning to end. Or in our case–beginning to semi-middle? We’re not the fastest movers in the world (read: my husband’s a slooooow worker), but hopefully these posts will help keep him us accountable.

Basement studs

While I ignorantly bypassed 9-foot ceilings on the main level, (Curse you, budget worrier!!), we made sure to have them in the basement. Good call.

Basement before

You can see the fireplace cut-in and the storage room in the back. We’ve decided to make it a guest room AND storage room (hello, built-ins!) since we have a full guest room upstairs already. We don’t need another inch of dead space in this house, and two guest bedrooms seemed like just that.

Basement storage

And here’s my husband’s favorite part. That’s his “all Tigers” bar area, and he’s been collecting memorabilia since he was a boy. Needless to say, I’m going to have to filter what goes on display. We don’t want it to turn into an episode of hoarders or anything.  He has a pretty good vision of what he wants, and I have a pretty good vision of how I’m going to work with that. :)

basement progress

Wanna see where we’re going? I’m in love. It’s extremely masculine, and I’m totally ok with that. I’ve got an extremely masculine guy! It fits him, and it’s still classic.

Basement mood board png

Of course, our finances have yet to agree with our “grand plan”. We’ll just have to take it slow–for our finances and my husband’s sake. It may not look like this tomorrow, but I’m hoping for Monday. :) I’ll keep you posted!

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