What can I say? If my blog can touch the life of just one sponsor…


Image courtesy: William Chrisman Computer Science

All joking aside, I would love to provide you with some advertising space. I started this blog in April of 2008 thinking my mom and I would probably be its only readers. Since then, it has progressively climbed to over millions of views. 

In addition to my regular readers, I think it’s important to know that Just a Girl gets quite a bit of exposure, as well.  The following websites and blogs are a sampling of places JaG has been featured.



My readers are brilliant, innovative, and frugal. They are certainly not afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to improving their homes and making their lives easier. Advertising at JaG would not only serve as a savvy business adventure, but it would bring you into contact with savvy bloggers!

So…what’s that mean? Here are the numbers.

  • 125×125 ad block (higher pricing for 250×250)
  • Located in the top left portion of the screen (premiere viewing)
  • I do ask that giveaways are worthwhile for my readers.  Just contact me, and we’ll see if it will work out.
  • Product reviews are welcomed, but I would encourage a giveaway for readers.  What better way to expose your company to others?

I do my very best to answer any questions you might have! This is the best way to contact me, so I'll get back with you as soon as possible!

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Thank you for your interest in advertising on JaG. I look forward to working with you!