A Winner and a Loser

First, let’s start with the loser.  (That’s me, by the way.) I have 1 million projects going on, and I have no post to show for any of it.  Please tell me I’m not the only person that this happens to.  I’ve been trying to sell this big guy for months, and I finally sold it.
IMG_1983_thumb[4] Notice anything different between the two pictures?  Oooh!  It’s a game!  I’m going to ruin the game by telling you the answer.  The computer is missing.  Once we bought a laptop, this thing was no longer needed at JaG’s house.  IMG_5279 Since I’m going in a different direction in here, I went with a different desk–otherwise known as a dining room table.  For $60.00 on Craigslist, I’m a giddy girl.
IMG_0422 While it’s a gorgeous color, it doesn’t match the look I want (why would it ever be that easy?).
IMG_0420 Then, of course, there’s always these little thorns in my side.  They’ve been in my garage.  Haunting me.  Whispering my name as I get out of my car.  Never fear.  I bought fabric yesterday.  It’ll happen.  Soon.  I think.  Choppy sentences, eh?IMG_0421 And what pointless post would be complete without another unfinished project?  No, the table isn’t wearing little boots.  Will I ever finish anything? 
IMG_0424 Let’s end this on a good note, shall we?  450 entries????  That tells me one of two things.  You love the message behind this product, and you love lip gloss!  The lucky (and I mean really lucky) winner is…

Congratulations, Andrea!  Don’t forget!  You can still be a winner by going to What’s Your Virtue, entering chris15 as the coupon code, and receive 15% off your order!
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