A Horse Tale

Believe me. The wit behind that title is ridiculous.

Sooooo months ago, I found a print (half off at Hobby Lobby) that was perfect for our guest bedroom. It was “the one”. I’m not a fan of artwork behind glass, so I needed to make some adjustments to a frame I already had for it. Like any other blogger, I started taking pictures. I thought, “Oh. I can show my readers how I used a mat and frame I already had. Cool.


Look at that. A nice “before” picture, some great detail shots to talk you through the process…it was gonna be great.

artwork   artwork

trimming artwork

Why do I show you these pictures in past tense, you ask? Let me fast forward a couple of months and walk you through a conversation I had with my family the other day—the day I was going to finish the project and post about it.

Me: “Hey, I’m looking all over for a horse print. It’s not in the guestroom. Where is it, guys?”

Family: {cricket….cricket….}

Me: “Hello??? I can’t find that print I need. It’s of a horse. Who moved it?”

Husband: “Como?” (This was the moment I knew divorce was in our future.)

Daughter: “Mom, I told Dad not to do it! I told him not to throw it away!”

For the next few moments I unleashed my wrath of fury on my husband as he tried to explain that “we’re not horse people” and it was “in his way”. I don’t know. Everything went blank after that.


And then I went shopping. I’ve spoken of my passionate and undying love for HomeGoods before. While I don’t have one near me, there can be no doubt as to why I love them so much.

horse on canvas

When I saw him (yes, it’s a him), I literally gasped and startled the woman next to me.

canvas horse

He’s not in his permanent home just yet (thanks to a closet project that haunts me), but he’s here. In my home. Where he belongs. Apparently, dear husband…we are horse people. Viva la horse!

horse on canvas

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