5 Things That Won’t Happen at Haven Conference

That time is upon us. Haven Conference is days away! You’re either getting excited or nervous. Or perhaps both. Instead of telling you what you should be doing or what you should have prepared, I’m writing this to hopefully put your mind at ease. I’ll preface this by telling you I’m a pretty laid back person. Sometimes you need a laid back opinion to put things into perspective, so here are some things that (hopefully) won’t happen at this conference.

Haven conference

1. Perhaps most important on the list? People won’t remember what you wore. Truth be told, I don’t even remember what I wore last year! Don’t worry about “dressing for your brand” or “accessorizing just right”. I’m certainly not a fashion expert, but I know that worrying about what you wear is unnecessary stress. Dress comfortably. Dress so you feel good about yourself. That’s all that matters.

Ugly dress

 2. I don’t get star struck. EVER. Ok, wait. If Gwyneth Paltrow sat at my table, I’d wet my pants and then pass out (or vice versa). But we’re talking about other bloggers here. They’re doing what you’re doing. They’re paying bills, doing dishes, and folding laundry. Just. Like. You. Sure, it’ll be exciting to meet my “virtual friends” in person, but I’m comfortable enough with myself that I don’t ever feel like some other blogger is better than me because their blog is bigger than mine. That being said, I know that not everyone can approach it that way. We’re all different. I’m just trying to say that you should go in knowing that we’re all human. And we’re all there just to have fun and learn from one another. People are not there thinking they’re better than you. If they are, you don’t want to meet them anyway.



3. You will not miss out on major brand opportunities if you don’t have a media kit. Well this is just silly. I’ve worked with numerous brands, and I’ve never even thought about a media kit. Again–this doesn’t mean media kits are frivolous or unnecessary, but it’s just not something to worry about. With all the other worries that you’re feeling (traveling, meeting new people, packing, leaving kids behind), the last thing you should fret about is perfecting something that doesn’t necessarily make a difference when it comes to working with a company. Is it a bonus? Sure! Are they pretty? Of course! But it will not make or break your chances with a company.


4. You will not be ignored. This part might sting a little bit. If you’re in a hotel with 300+ women who all enjoy the same things, and you’re feeling ignored…it might be a moment for self-reflection. Did I say that politically correct enough? :) If there’s one thing women can do, it’s talk. We love to socialize, and most of us are breaking away from family to enjoy “me” time. So believe me–we’ll be talking! I firmly believe that something is only as fun as you make it. If you have a miserable time, I apologize ahead of time. But it won’t be for lack of effort on other women’s part. It is seriously a social shark frenzy. Take it all in and enjoy it!

Girl being ignored


5. You will not leave feeling uneducated. If you do, you are a blogging/DIY genius and I commend you. Kudos to your brilliance! But if you’re like the rest of us, you won’t be disappointed with all the information you’re going to walk away with. After all these years of blogging and doing things myself, I am confident that Haven’s classes will offer a plethora of knowledge for me (and you). I wish I could open another compartment of my brain just to store it all, and I’m beyond excited!

Smart girls rock


One final note–I am partnering with one of my organizing idols at Haven this year. We are teaching a class together (yup–together) on how to get a handle on things in your life. I hope you can join us! See you there!

I heart organizing

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