2012 In Review

Soooo I didn’t plan on writing this post. I sat here thinking, “Did I even do anything in 2012?” Uh apparently I did! No fancy collages or month by month explanation here, but I selected some highlights of the year. Maybe you saw them/maybe you didn’t, but it did give me a couple of moments of accomplishment. And then I went back to feeling like I never do enough around here. It’s a vicious cycle.


I built a kitchen! Well, sort of..


$60 dresser on Craigslist? Free Mustard Seed milk paint? Don’t mind if I do…


This disaster of a deck turned into something kinda beautiful Pretty blessed to have Lowe’s on my side!


I built a union jack tray.


One of my favorite projects of the year. I whisper sweet nothings to this gallery wall daily.


This guy almost died. Sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Instead, we saved his life. And killed our bank account in the meantime.


I threw the birthday party of the century for my little one! That’s what I’m calling it. ‘Cause I’ll never do something like it again. Until she asks.


My ribbon fought the law, and the law won.


$50 workbench turned console table on Craigslist. I transfoooorrrmmmmed it! It makes me feel cool about myself.


Better Homes and Gardens came. to. my. home.


Landscaping fought the law and landscaping won. We threw in our shovels and realized we needed to pay to have it done. Well played, landscaping. Well. played.


I took the WHOLE month of April off, and my friends stepped in for me. Reason #4,915 I am blessed to have these girls in my life!


The laundry room transformation is slow-moving for me, but these pedestals were a must-have. I’m in love with them.


And finally? Perhaps the biggest job we took on was the wall of built-ins. Looking at it just doesn’t get old.

Billy Bookcases

So I guess I did get something done last year. The good news is that the long list of to-do’s has not gone away. I’ve got plenty left to do around here, so I hope you’ll stick around to see if I figure it all out!

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