15 Favorite iPhone Apps

Three things about my relationship with my iPhone.

  1. I l-o-v-e it. I don’t consider myself an iPhone junkie, but I love everything about it.
  2. I’m an app snob. If I download an app, and it’s not just what I want? Delete! I don’t fill up my phone with useless apps, so I’m pretty particular.
  3. I leave it in the most random places ev. er. (This one was really for my husband. He doesn’t understand the concept of using it then leaving it wherever you were standing at the time.) Apparently, people “take it with them when they walk around”. Whatever.
Iphone apps

I know when I purchased my phone (and even now!), I was on the lookout for the next great app that would help me find my way through life. Hello, dramatic. If you’re anything like me (let’s hope you’re not), then you just might love this list I’m about to give you. I have plenty of apps, but these are my MUST. HAVES. Ready?

Social Media. I’m bulking these into one number ’cause they should go without saying. They are a must for anyone who’s “connected” through social media.

Social mediaAnother bulk mention is for shopping. I have other shopping apps, but these are my go-to’s.  In case you don’t know, you can use your smartphone for any coupons offered at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Jo-Anns. No more paper coupon clipping! It’s been a wondrous save for me.

Shopping apps

We’re movie people. Our kids are movie people. We love them. IMDB is basically a hub for ALL things movie (and TV!). My 13-year old is right at the age where we question content for his movies. He can handle the action, but we don’t like any sexual stuff. We use this app constantly because it has a parent feature that tells you any adult content included in the movie. It tells specific scenes so we know exactly what he’s going to see if he wants to watch a more grown-up movie. It’s brilliant.

Imdb icon

One of the main reasons I bought the iPhone? ‘Cause it has so many pretty cases. No joke. That’s how I make decisions in life–based on how pretty something is. That being said, I use Cuptakes for my wallpaper, and it’s addicting! Fickle is my middle name (not really), so I like change. There are SO many girly, pretty options that I tend to change it quite often. Prepare yourself. It’s mind blowing.


 Another addiction is Cuptakes frames. They offer coordinating frames to go around your pictures. I know, right? Uh. Maze. Ing. How cute are these?

Iphone frames

This one may not be for everybody, but it has helped me dramatically. Logmein is basically a remote for your computer. Meaning…if you travel (or went to work and forgot a document on your home computer) and want to access something on your computer (a file, pictures, grocery list, etc.), you can do so from your phone!

Logmein ios app icon 225x225

This is a screenshot from my phone of me working on my blog post–on my computer. Confused? Just know that it’s extremely helpful if you want to access your computer for something, and you can’t. Now you can!
Image  5

This is a newer favorite of mine. I’m horrible at sending out cards. It’s just something I don’t do much anymore, but my family is still big on them. Maybe it’s a generational thing? Regardless, I needed to find something that would help. JustWink allows you to send cards from tons of categories. You can add photos, add your own text, and you can even sign it with a signature pad. The best part? For $2.99 you can have them put a stamp on it and MAIL it for you!! Shut the front door. Have you SEEN the price of cards in stores? The $2.99 includes the stamp and eliminates the worry of getting it to the post office/mailbox on time. Sold.

Image  6

Oh how I love Period Tracker. I have always been horrible at keeping track of “that time of the month”, and this app couldn’t be any easier. Tap the button when you start, then tap the button when you end. It keeps track of everything for you, gives you a little countdown for the impending doom,  and it’s free. Awesome.

Image  7

Aaaaand finally. Emoji. I’m a texter.  So much so that my voicemail tells people to just send me a text instead of calling. It’s a reality, people. It’s my thing. 


Luckily, my BBF likes to text too. And she also likes to harass me about my abhorrence for gum. Ugh! I showed her, eh? Sometimes words just don’t do the job, so I love using Emoji’s! They’re spectacular!

Image  8

 After working on this post for about three days (Seriously? Took forever!), I realize I haven’t even touched on the photography apps I like! There are too many to include, so I’ll be back another time for those. So what am I missing? What are your favorites? Remember…I’m an app snob! :)

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